Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I Don't Want to Grow Up, I am a Toys-R-Us Kid" (rant/discussion)

It's 2:00 AM and my friends and I are driving around trying to find a place to have the affordable price on our favorite toys. One got a NERF gun, another got a miniature teddy bear, and I got.....a barbie fairy. Yes, a Barbie Fairy. We all opened our packages with great enthusiasm and agreed that it was the best night, so far, of our lives. We discussed our childhood memories and agreed that our parents never understood our toys being as more than distractions. (Don't worry I won't be pulling up a big Freud post here). It made me think: "Why do we have to give up toys just because we are told that we are "too old"? Why? They are just toys, things we feel or felt, connected to our imagination. Originally, on holidays, toys become the perfect gift for children because they know later on, it would benefit them in the long run: the children whine less and irritate less. However, there is also the aspect of the toys helping to bring out the creativity of children. Most of the time it becomes a mode of inspiration to draw and make concepts like imaginary friends, or invent different games. As years go by, more things are given to them and the toys they played with before might end up being rejected by the same parents who bought them. The child would feel torn in thought of whether to ditch this toy or keep it. And so the parent would make the decision to ditch the toys or "pressure" (I use the term loosely here) the child to lose this toy/(s). Looking at this: Did you ever have a toy you loved so much and your parents ended up telling you to give it away or throw it away because you are "too old" for them? Ever wonder what happened to them if you don't have them now? Did you ever wished you wanted the toys being advertised on your favorite channel or before your favorite cartoon show (if you have one)? Did you ever tried to look for a specific toy and didn't find it anywhere? Thinking of it, yes we are older, but you know what: I still love Spice Girls, I still love dolls with fashionable clothes, I still love Legos, I still love toys! So why should I give up my toys just because I am "growing up." Like my grandpa always says: "I never gave up my inner child." So I won't give up mine. You are never too old to express your inner kid! It is damn friggin okay. It is your life and the only person entitled to keep or have what you want is you, no one else.So go ahead and buy that toy you want (if you can).

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