Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot Topic & Spencers Making Comebacks

Hello my beloved readers,

my screenshot of Hot Topic's online band categories
I know, I know. Where have I been? Well, I have been thinking a lot about whether to keep this blog or not since the beginning of this year. I realized that a lot has happened in my life that has limited my time in blogging. But I've decided I still love clothes and I will continue posting.

On that note, I recently found love again for stores like Spencers and Hot Topic. They have changed a lot throughout the past 10 years and have kept some of the original favorites.

Hot Topic now sells Too Fast clothing which is a store that used to be underground and now
through its popularity is being sold in stores like Hot Topic.

Hot Topic's Other Selections
Hot Topic continues not only in selling clothes that used to be underground but also selling band T-shirts. If you click on their website, you will find that they have categorized their band tees to meet the wants of customers who listen to different types of music. They also now have accessories of different shows that have grown in popularity such as Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and Regular Show. It is no longer just about the urban scene but also the nerdy hipster scene (if you can call it that).

Even Spencers now has cool and low-cost accessories as I once saw them selling back in 2005. They removed their customer points program and instead now have a piercing punch card program in which you receive a card that has about 12 circles. Every piercing purchase you get from Spencers, you get a hole punched on the card. Once all 12 circles are punched, you get 20% off your next purchase. Which in my opinion is not bad when the highest regular price on gauges that I have seen in a Spencers store is $19.99.

Honestly, such stores like Hot Topic (i.e Pac Sun, Journeys) continue to be expensive to me because of how frugal I am with my clothing and piercing accessories. Why spend 50 bucks on a shirt when I can spend half of that on material to make my own rockabilly dress.

However, it is good to know that such stores have brought back clothes and accessories that us, in the alternative dressing group, have cherished back in the 2000's. Hopefully it will remain that way.

Til Next blogpost,
Miss Bobo