Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Never Too Old To Play Dress-up

Heyyyy there. How's it going?

a pic of NYC Comic Con attendees (taken from
Me: totally excited. One thing I have not shared with you but sharing now just for the sake of shared excitement: love dressing up. And I love when I dress up as a favorite comic book character or a character in an animated series.

Yes that is correct folks: I looooove cosplaying. The art of dressing up exactly or a remixed version of a comic book, cartoon or video game character. And here in NYC we cosplayers and fans of any type of show, anime, comics, are all about that.

Since 2006, the annual NYC "popular culture convention" (as quoted by their page) has been held at the Javits Center located in Manhattan, New York to showcase new video game demos, games, toys, merchandise and even generate talks with celebrities from popular shows like the Walking Dead, Regular Show, Dexter, and even movies like Silent Hill series, X-men movie series, Watchmen, Superman, Spiderman, and so on so forth.

picture of cosplayers at the event (taken from
Fans from all over the US to different parts of the word of all the aforementioned can have the opportunity to get autographs, pictures with their favorite celebrity, free merchandise and even a special day of fame where numerous others would take pictures of their costumes.

However, attendance is not cheap and tickets are as most high demand products: first come first served.

But why all the excitement????

Comic-Con fans and or cosplayers will have the chance to purchase tickets online June 18th and for those who are just dying to get their tickets and are around the area: will be able to get tickets sooner by attending a special NYC Comic Con event at the Javits Center on June 14th, 2014 to June 15th, 2014.

a line-up of celebrities who have attended NYC Comic-Con
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And with the deals listed ($30/a day) at such a fancy location: who wouldn't be excited!

If you are a cosplayer at heart or on a regular day, feel free to comment with pictures and or just a description of your costume, any suggestions, and or even cosplaying-comic-con related info below.

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Miss Bobo