Friday, August 15, 2014

Childhood Memories Live On-Robin Williams

Robin Williams i Fl 144282s 670x334 Is Flubber 3D On The Way?
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I don't do this often but in his memory, I will write about him.

Watching movies like Flubber, Jumanji and Hook (especially Hook) on repeat even through my preteens, I have always loved watching Robin Williams on screen. He improvised quirky characters straight from his imagination; I wouldn't be surprised that almost all his movies his improvisations have been added to their scripts.

On August 11th, 2014 Robin Williams was found dead in his home in Tiburon, California. Law enforcement has released not too long ago of finding Williams hanging by a belt with wounds on his wrists. Many have stated that he continued to suffer from depression and his recent wife recently stated that he was also starting to suffer from Parkinson's disease.

picture copied from USA today's website
Robin managed to do so much in what almost seems was still a short amount of time here on Earth. He managed to film 4 films before his death which included Night at the Museum 3 with Stiller which surely all will be rising in viewers upon release.

I know this is random but watching that unfold on TV just hit my childhood with a chronic punch. And sometimes I really do wish I never knew the circumstances of his death because it makes me think he didn't commit suicide, that someone else killed him. That's really rare for a suicidal to have two forms, slashes on the wrist and then hanging. Somewhat similar to Kurt Cobain's death; with high levels of cocaine and a gun with gunpowder residue as if used.

At the end, it doesn't matter anymore because Robin Williams is dead physically. His memory will live on through the lives he touched with his humor and compassion; through his work that continues to play on various TV screens worldwide.

Rest in peace Robin Williams.

-Miss Bobo

The Queen of Pin-up: Bettie Page

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I've been checking this blog's stats and have found that my post featuring a Betty Paige lighter has started to pick up popularity.

So why not a post all about her?!Honestly, I really didn't know much about her until recently. I randomly looked her up and found a video that just made me giggle.
Coquettish, coy, sensual, but never crass, she had an air about her of complete subtlety and acceptance over sexuality in an age where the opposite was supreme.

And get this, (I am imprrrressed) she was a straight-A student and got her Bachelors of Arts at Peabody college. A post from an anonymous source on IMDB, states she started modeling while looking for a secretary job in New York. Her official page doesn't mention it but it does confirm that she started modeling in New York.

She lost her fame upon religious groups and the government investigating her for exposing nudity to the public and basically accusing her of being too sexual for her own good (as I am sure those who hounded her may have thought).

She eventually evaded the eye of fame and stayed in the background until she was found and questioned before her death in 2008 (crazy).

Few documentaries were made regarding her life before, during, and after being a pin-up model. Two years ago, the documentary Bettie Page Reveals All was released featuring celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Dita Von Teese, and Hugh Hefner. Definitely will check that out.

Her fame has stood 5 decades and counting; replicated in burlesque shows by fans who admire her work. Watching her videos, many in the modeling business and even our sisters can learn: you are beautiful, sexy, hot in any way you dress just by loving yourself, having confidence, and being brave in not giving a rat's ass about what anybody thinks. All of the legends we have lost so far are evidence such things exist.

Til Next blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Never Too Old To Play Dress-up

Heyyyy there. How's it going?

a pic of NYC Comic Con attendees (taken from
Me: totally excited. One thing I have not shared with you but sharing now just for the sake of shared excitement: love dressing up. And I love when I dress up as a favorite comic book character or a character in an animated series.

Yes that is correct folks: I looooove cosplaying. The art of dressing up exactly or a remixed version of a comic book, cartoon or video game character. And here in NYC we cosplayers and fans of any type of show, anime, comics, are all about that.

Since 2006, the annual NYC "popular culture convention" (as quoted by their page) has been held at the Javits Center located in Manhattan, New York to showcase new video game demos, games, toys, merchandise and even generate talks with celebrities from popular shows like the Walking Dead, Regular Show, Dexter, and even movies like Silent Hill series, X-men movie series, Watchmen, Superman, Spiderman, and so on so forth.

picture of cosplayers at the event (taken from
Fans from all over the US to different parts of the word of all the aforementioned can have the opportunity to get autographs, pictures with their favorite celebrity, free merchandise and even a special day of fame where numerous others would take pictures of their costumes.

However, attendance is not cheap and tickets are as most high demand products: first come first served.

But why all the excitement????

Comic-Con fans and or cosplayers will have the chance to purchase tickets online June 18th and for those who are just dying to get their tickets and are around the area: will be able to get tickets sooner by attending a special NYC Comic Con event at the Javits Center on June 14th, 2014 to June 15th, 2014.

a line-up of celebrities who have attended NYC Comic-Con
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And with the deals listed ($30/a day) at such a fancy location: who wouldn't be excited!

If you are a cosplayer at heart or on a regular day, feel free to comment with pictures and or just a description of your costume, any suggestions, and or even cosplaying-comic-con related info below.

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Miss Bobo

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nokia is not All Static- Anime Everywhere

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Hola Hola Mola Mola Mola.

Been traveling around the mountain til a new episode of one of my favorite animes come around (Ultimate Hint: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures).

Aaaaaand talking about animes, found a new artist through the Facebook newsfeed of Afropunk followed by the name of Princess Nokia aka Wavy Spice.

Her songs express a wave of trip-hop, electro-pop, mixing with rap lyrics on occassion that remind you of when Toonami was on and you watched your favorite anime.
Princess Nokia
(picture courtesy of Afropunk)

Princess Nokia also goes by Wavy Spice. You can check her out at her soundcloud here. Her current LP titled "Metallic Butterfly" is out and features clips from Dragon Ball Z and House elements. Hopefully she will bellow in the trippy festivals near you.

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot Topic & Spencers Making Comebacks

Hello my beloved readers,

my screenshot of Hot Topic's online band categories
I know, I know. Where have I been? Well, I have been thinking a lot about whether to keep this blog or not since the beginning of this year. I realized that a lot has happened in my life that has limited my time in blogging. But I've decided I still love clothes and I will continue posting.

On that note, I recently found love again for stores like Spencers and Hot Topic. They have changed a lot throughout the past 10 years and have kept some of the original favorites.

Hot Topic now sells Too Fast clothing which is a store that used to be underground and now
through its popularity is being sold in stores like Hot Topic.

Hot Topic's Other Selections
Hot Topic continues not only in selling clothes that used to be underground but also selling band T-shirts. If you click on their website, you will find that they have categorized their band tees to meet the wants of customers who listen to different types of music. They also now have accessories of different shows that have grown in popularity such as Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and Regular Show. It is no longer just about the urban scene but also the nerdy hipster scene (if you can call it that).

Even Spencers now has cool and low-cost accessories as I once saw them selling back in 2005. They removed their customer points program and instead now have a piercing punch card program in which you receive a card that has about 12 circles. Every piercing purchase you get from Spencers, you get a hole punched on the card. Once all 12 circles are punched, you get 20% off your next purchase. Which in my opinion is not bad when the highest regular price on gauges that I have seen in a Spencers store is $19.99.

Honestly, such stores like Hot Topic (i.e Pac Sun, Journeys) continue to be expensive to me because of how frugal I am with my clothing and piercing accessories. Why spend 50 bucks on a shirt when I can spend half of that on material to make my own rockabilly dress.

However, it is good to know that such stores have brought back clothes and accessories that us, in the alternative dressing group, have cherished back in the 2000's. Hopefully it will remain that way.

Til Next blogpost,
Miss Bobo