Sunday, September 18, 2011

Four Down.... Five is Next

*drum roll* The post you have been waiting for: the True Blood fan rant. Season 4 has ended a few Sundays ago and there is still a buzzing a brewin' of all that has happened. As past seasons have gone by, this season wasn't any less gory or rather bloody, than the previous one. Characters were killed off that sadly might be missed by their fans. And oh no: the possibility that the now ex-vampire King Russell Edington has come back from his cement grave? I am still at a shock from the LAST EPISODE, I literally banged my fists on the table multiple times while watching the season finale at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. (!!!!) So far from what I can relay:
Jessica as usual is going through her baby vampire/teen moment; Marni, the witch, finally did the walk off, Jason is being his wild sexy self; Alcide is doing the hurt puppy move; Sam is dealing with love and another death yet again;; Lafayette survives yet another massive group of tragedies and trauma;Pam has an emotional  break down; Bill and Eric become frenemies; Andy Bellefleur is having a freaky deaky night; poor Tara and Jesus, and last but not least Sookie Stackhouse is well, bloody Sookie Stackhouse [except she isn't kidnapped this time]. Yeah...I would say this season has been more of a spark to how it used to be in Season 2: unpredictable. More characters have been added and many have been crossed off this season. Not particularly proud for how a few things were put upon especially with Jessica's, Jason's, and a few other characters' development. However, hopefully the SEASON FIVE that will be coming up summer of 2012, there will be more to play with and chew. I did a bit of research anyway, so if you are looking to find out a little teensy weensy bit of a preview on what is to come, you can check it out here.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Live Adventure Time (woops not the show)

*pops in like a weasel* POPPING LIKE A WEASEL HERE!  Glad to see you guys yet again for another blog post! I am here dealing with some school stuff, music, friends, some MClovin groovy lovin! (W00T!) and awesomeness here and there. So I apologize for the irregularity of my blogposts here and in my other blogs. Regardless, I am here out and about! ;D I went to another concert this past Sunday that was OFF THE CHAAAANG! (sorry for the tadbit of slang) I am already pumped talking about. I know its a bit off putting to be partying while an awful thing happened more than a decade ago but I figured the dead don't need no more crying they need to be remembered in a happy way.
a guy literally crowd surfing!

As you can see, in the background there is a miniature replica of the twin towers in commemoration of Sept 11. SOOO don't fret amigos, it was one helluva of a commemoration. This time instead of alternative psychedelic music playing it was straight-up homemade punk (as in intense guitar, shouting/singing, crazy drum rhythm, and the overall beat to mosh to PLUS the moshpit itself). So much was going on, it was RA-di-CAL. The venue itself was the type many gamers would get into especially with the original homemade arcade games available for those who want to play.

There is one arcade game where there is a mat with letters in style of DDR and people were stepping on combos to get this random guy on a screen to climb up to his destination. I was amazed. As the concert progressed things just got more interesting. The first band was these two guys playing gamer sounds on a machine while having some sort of poem in Space Invader style on a small screen. I was amazed by how much I didn't know discovering this new scene. Of course, there was a 5-10 minute break to recover from while the [Beach Boys] played in the background, allowing for people to mingle as the next band got their instruments ready. The next band got on which was mostly an instrumental band incorporating crazy violin sounds that sounded like an opera star singing along with some wicked bass lines. You think, that sounded just intoxicatingly radical? Well, there is M.O.R.E!
everyone gathering around for the last band
Next, was this all girl band that was just amped with soft vocal tones and a punky riot grrrl combo of guitar, bass, and drums. The vocalist hair was blowing in the face of a fan making it just (pardon my french) FUCKING AWE-SOME! I was enjoying this surge like no other, along with my handy dandy companion that night (don't ask lol). I thought to myself, "wow things can't get any better"....... until they did. The last band got up and everyone gathered around. The drummer looked like he had a gas mask on his face while the vocalist rocked his long fro like no other! Sadly I wasn't close enough to catch the glory of the bassist and the composite as a whole, but I do remember the experience of them playing. It was the climax itself ending a long winding down of a yellow brick road with patches and reminiscent cracks of what punk was back in the 90's, 80's and the 70's put all together in a cauldron. (YES IT WAS WORTH ALL THOSE METAPHORS!). It was ridiculous. Not only was the music awesome, the events around the band were just ridiculously shocking [well to me anyway]. As you can see from the photo, a guy decided to take it upon himself on bringing a short board for SURFING so he can LITERALLY [and I mean LITERALLY] crowd surf.
Yeah..the guy didn't even fall. (Things just got intense up in HERE!)The drummer unfortunately didn't get on the board but he did play his drums while being held up by the crowd. Sooooooo, point of this story is: if you are in NYC check out this hotspot on facebook for some underground music ACTIOOOON! Hope you dig it!

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P.S. I haven't forgotten about True Blood. YEEEAAAAH expect a review in a short amount of time. In the meantime eat this blog post with your bare FEET! lol.. Just joshing ya! I apologize for not having the band names but I will investigate more on this such horrifyingly AWE-SOME! (get it awe-SOME!) occurrence. now seriously...til next blog post folks!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Concert Moment! OH NO!

I don't even know how to start this, but..I am sorry for NOT BEING HERE ALL THE TIME GIVING YOU THOSE ROCKIN' BLOGPOSTS! (LOL). So anyways...I have been busy for the past few days since I went to see Nova and some other bands two nights ago at Yippie Museum Cafe and literally spent the whole night and day afterward awake and wandering the streets with a group of friends. It's crazy to see how Manhattan looks like in transformation from night to dawn and dawn to plain daylight. Nevertheless, I must continue to tell you how the concert went.
     With bands like Nova, this concert wasn't the one to have a metal band or popular screamo stuff that if you stand close enough it would really damage your hearing for the next 5 days. I stood nearby the sound equipment and I still lost a bit of my hearing the next day. Nevertheless, the music these bands had were more like a reminder to psychadelics and artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd who were more focused on instrumental melodies than just patterns and catchy poppy tunes. So please,if you are around Manhattan check out the Yippie Museum because there is a possibility you will find something.

P.S. check Nova's facebook

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