Sunday, September 9, 2012

Found in the Aisle

picture courtesy of mindthegap-series tumblr
Hey everybody! Hope your weekend is going well.

Just wanted to share with you a comic book I got yesterday. Its the fourth issue in the series and so far its good.

The plot centers on Ellis Patterson who was attacked and gets in a coma. While in coma, she ventures in a world called "The Garden". Meanwhile, her friends and family are still caught in turmoil, hoping she comes back from the coma.

So far, no one knows who attacked her or whether she knows her attacker. However, as the comic says no one is innocent. Who attacked Elle? And who are these people within "The Garden"?

I like the plot because its not predictable and has unexpected twists. The style to the illustration is my favorite: realistic with inking in all the right places. It does remind me a bit of the Grimm Fairy Tales series with some of the scenes connected to fairy tales. Definitely recommend to pick up.
courtesy of my phone :D