Monday, December 30, 2013

Blast from the Past.....*Popping Sound*

*random chute pops and Miss Bobo slides out. Miss Bobo stumbles and looks as a blaring light approaches and brightens her face. Miss Bobo shields her eyes and opens her mouth. CRASH*

*Miss Bobo pops out of the word "CRASH"*

red lights at ABC No Rio's bathroom (NYC)
pic taken by me
So I guess I am just in for the new years already. I am back *detaches Van Winkle beard*. Seriously folks, thanks for still following. I appreciate the dedication. A lot of things have happened (as usual). Currently working on getting my goodreads reading challenge of 25 books done before the new gigantic baby comes and plunges vomits of doom. (ok ok, I know disgusting image).

Anywho, I have been following up with my other blog: Book Geek Week and have posted some book reviews. On the sidebar there are book trailers for you and any book lover's musing.

As for Rockinglicious news, I changed up on style lately. Don't get me wrong, I still love those alternative dressers out there (goths, punk rockers, emo, scene, skaters,  general rockers, etc). However, I have realized that in the end I want to create my own style just for me.

I want to go outside and express myself. That means Monday I might be corporate goth, Monday evening I might be psychobilly chick on a date; Tuesday I am geeky girl with a fedora hat and suspenders, Wednesday-quirky sunflower hippy; so and so forth.

Always remember, be you. Don't be afraid to wear a pin that says "Loud as my music" or wear a kilt or wear vans from payless. Whatever it is: rock you and make sure your number#1 fan (your mirror) digs it, loves it, and absolutely eats it with joy.
Afropunk '13 (picture taken from

Looking forward to sharing Rockinglicious 4th year with you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Miss Bobo