Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LBGT victory and a Foreshadow for What's To Come..(an obvious rant)

I am sorry but as an LGBT supporter and a NYC resident, I had to post something about this! When I saw the news a few days ago that New York finally made its contribution I had to silently scream YES! (I know it sounds impossible but really it isn't). It is about time that love gets its chance. Call me a hippie, call me whatever you will, but love has no boundaries. May anybody throw me in a chamber for supporting human beings to marry. Why should two people who care for each other be denied a chance just because they don't follow the laws of a religion that really has nothing to do with how they feel about each other. It bothers me to think that a state of a country who blazes "Country of the Free" in neon letters does not support something that has to do with the "pursuit of happiness". YEAH I AM QUOTING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE(correction in part of good friend Nick)! The very same document that helped this country become a new nation away from the hands of persecution that at the time came from Britain. Everyone worked together and united to fight for freedom. So why is it after milestones many have fought for (the right to vote, civil rights, a black president, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc), we cannot unite to give the freedom of union to human beings, because yes they are HUMAN BEINGS! The Bible can be quoted til kingdom come but at the end of the day this is free will being jeopardized and its about time free will, which dare I say was GOD'S GIFT, should be put at the hands of religious bigots. We must end bigotry like Martin Luther King once proclaimed in his speech. Don't let ignorance ruin our evolution. We are animals of reason, we can do better than this! Lets hope we can acquire the right for gay marriage and proposition 8 all over the nation. We can do this. Let's not give up

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When In Doubt Trust in the Salvation Army (a journal story)

On a nice Saturday where the sun is high and the birds are singing….that you gotta get out.  For me it was definitely a Saturday city adventure. So I put on my skull shirt, ripped jeans, and gladiator sandals, and hit the pavement for a walk towards the train station. Mission: find the best bargain. Destination: Union Square.
I passed the turnstile and got on the train with my purse in tow. From the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one on a mission with a nice weather as it was.  Good thing there weren’t the usual weekend delays as there is here in NYC. But anyhow, I got out and walked around a commotion going on in Union Square (besides the hardcore chess players). One of the best things of Union Square is that there is always some event happening. Last summer there was a group of people jumping on some bouncing footwear. I kid you not. With these commotions usually a crowd starts and there are pictures being taken with hordes of people walking and hang-a-langing.  Which is great because that is where the cool tattoos come out and get seen ;D. Anyways, back to the mission.
the magic box undergoing a makeover
So I walked a bit past Union Square’s Best Buy, and hit the Salvation Army. I was always curious to go inside because many people have reported finding great deals and treasures that once were a man’s trash. So, I walked in and instantly found a small book section. Found some interesting titles but I wasn’t in the buying book mode until I took a 90 degree turn…I found it. It was this awesome cute box with a latch and everything. It had what looked like dried paint all over the inside and some parts of the outside. I thought because it was vintage it would be expensive so I walked away from it. Not a good move (trust me, you find something that shines like a treasure, you inspect it, and ask for the price). I decided to look in the clothes part of the store since that was mainly what this Salvation Army was and found a kilt!  A KILT! The ULTIMATE punk vintage item you can find. And I didn’t buy it.
But the good news is that after looking through all the clothes, I decided to go back to the box. A woman that seemed was in her forties was already standing around it. I quickly grabbed the box why I still could and went back to looking at the bags being sold.  I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew it was going to be grabbed at some point the minute I walked away. Overall, the mission was complete and done with. But I still continued to look around for other great finds. And I found a nifty bag. It must have been my lucky day because I found a dollar and change inside the pocket of the bag. There was no price tag on it so I didn’t know if I should take it. I went up to the counter and asked for the price. Turns out the box and the bag cost the same value of $2.99. I paid for both and found my way happily to the train station (don’t worry I didn’t skip).
When riding a train it is always good to have a buddy to talk to. To my surprise when I got off 42nd to take my train home, I found my awesome friend, Ralgy Cepeda of Nova. The whole ride we spent talking and laughing in intervals. We exchanged our goodbyes and treaded home. A Saturday mission complete and a potential hangout in the future. Yep, definitely bargains never to be missed. Til next time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Band Alert! Band Alert!

The Beatles, Nirvana, NOFX, and Green Day are all male bands that have started and bloomed in the subgenres of the rock world.  Whether for the purpose of fame, notoriety, or just for the music, they all have made hits and gained popularity with album after album making them celebrities. Although they are well-known names now, there was a point in time where they, like many others today, were struggling to get their names out there. Some have described the journey in music stardom not being an easy feat but still worthwhile.
And now with the music business booming with artists, one can even say that being an artist one has to have a talent, a name, and a dedication. In the case of Nova, a name that is now seen in venues like the Moonlight Bar and Webster Hall, that is not the problem. In an interview with Rockinglicious, both Ralgy Cepeda (vocals & bass guitar) and Alex (electric guitar) described their experiences being in Nova.
According to Salazar, the lead guitar of Nova, the band started in the fall of junior year of high school. The name back then was Running on Empty and they had 6 members already willing to put down music time. As time passed by, the band started “shedding layers and layers of people” and soon enough the band ended but on a good note.         
Ralgy Cepeda and Alex Salazar
After Running on Empty ended, Nova was born with band members Alex Salazar, Ernesto Baez III, and Ralgy Cepeda. And since then Nova has gained quite a fan base. 
When asked how the band members came up with a name like Nova, Alex answered, “I saw a supernova in my dream. It destroyed the galaxy. The next day I came up to Ralgy and asked him ‘what do you think of Nova?’ 
Of course some things have changed and other things have stayed the same with Nova’s members. At 14, both Cepeda and Salazar thought about different things than music: “I didn’t think about the world as a whole or about universal politics. I guess you can say I was more centered on myself and my friends,” Cepeda shared.
However for Nova, being young and in a band is not easy. “It wasn’t until we were 18 that we had access to venues. Now, venues don’t want to pay anymore. We don’t have money. So now I have to work for Starbucks eight hours a day,” says Salazar. Then there is band rehearsal to take care of as Ralgy notes in the difficulty of meeting up: “We don’t get to see each other every day. A lot of times Alex is in school and on the days that he is not in school I still work [on music].”
But for these two band mates, music is life. When asked what they do when they aren’t playing music, Cepeda answers “Our music reflects our life so metaphorically speaking when we are not playing music, we are playing music. When we talk to each other or look out the window, it serves as an inspiration. We don’t live outside the [band] lifestyle.” For Salazar, music changed his life a little more than expected: “My complete lifestyle was changing. I noticed my complete social life crumbled because I played music.”
Ernesto Baez III on drums
Despite it all, music has brought them many friendships and conversations with their fans. Of course, Rockinglicious was curious to ask what new goals Nova had in mind whether hitting the list of featured artists in the famous Warped Tour or taking part in the Loolapalooza music festival. Surprisingly, for Salazar and Cepeda that goal is not really the main deal. Salazar says, “At the end of the day it’s not about making the dollars but the music. The biggest goal I could say for Nova would be progression. Self- development is very important for us. Right now we are working on writing a five part song with a prelude, a symphonic poem (no lyrical parts), and a lyrical part. It would be mostly influenced by classical music.”
Through hearing the voices of both Alex Salazar and Ralgy Cepeda on what it’s like to be in a band such as Nova, it can be ascertained that starting your own band is like growing a tree: there has to be dedication, care, and a love for music along with the equipment to keep it going. If you want to check out this band and even attend one of their shows, check their gigmaven profile: http://www.gigmaven.com/nynova?f=c    

Friday, June 17, 2011

Not Poor Jake, Poor Us..(a rant)

Currently, I have been reading Glamour, not for the style they bring but for the advice editorials written by Jake. Personally, wouldn't date him, but the guy has his chops. So I looked on Glamour's website and found the article to see who said what in the comment box. Turns out there was a lot of negative feedback and one of the comments actually struck me as a bit exaggerated:

"You rock rewolf! :D I am also sick of advice columnists,blogs and magazines telling us girls, that if we don't like our guys porn we should just tell him to keep it to himself and not watch it around us. Ummm hello?! We have every right to tell him to stop watching it period! He doesn't like it, the door is right there. Why does the media want us to be wallflowers and just accept men's behaviour?Why is it that they want us to believe our say in a relationship doesn't matter?"

Not going to divulge who wrote it because its not about the person, its about the words. I don't know how exactly to react. At first, I am all for feminism when it comes to women having equal balance in a romantic relationship with any person. But I also think that if a guy has to hide his sexuality from his girlfriend then he is not being honest with her and he needs to evaluate why exactly he is with her. I am not saying a girl should swallow her pride and let her boyfriend just do whatever he wants but when it comes to choices everyone makes them. And both have to communicate with each other what exactly they want in the relationship. Its a commitment, an agreement between two people to care for each other and express all that romantic stuff. If its not then its a fling. So in reality, when sex comes into the picture both need to communicate who wants what and what both can do. As for feminism, I hope girls don't get the wrong picture that its a way to say "to hell with guys" because the basis is equality not a flop of balance. That's my deal for the day. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kirsten Vangsness To the Rescue..Yet Again

It's surprising to find out that out of all my blogposts, the most popular one is the one I did on Kirsten Vangsness, one of the main actors on Criminal Minds. (Thank you everyone for reading and continuing to follow my blog!!). And surprisingly a lot of the searches done on that blogpost is "Kirsten Vangsness hot." (YES THICK GIRLS UNITE!).
To this day I still think she is super Rockin' and out of this world. And what is even great is that she is gay! YES PEOPLE SHE IS GAY AND PROUD OF IT! Reading an interview ET did with Vangsness, turns out she has come out of the closet, engaged, and not afraid to play the straight character on Criminal Minds. What a role model right?!
Vangsness playing out her role with her "boyfriend"

With a large fan base gained throughout the original show, she is making things happen with the spin off, Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior while also being in the original Criminal Minds. Gotta love her for being that dedicated, right?
Can't wait for the wedding photos after it happens because so far there aren't any from what I can look. Thanks Kirsten Vangsness for being the supreme actress and not caring to dress like you're "in space." SHINE ON!

Check out the interview:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Reason to Go See X-Men (small spoiler)

Two weeks ago I had a great time not only hanging out with a few friends but finally watching the anticipated X-Men First Class. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews from other people I know who have watched it but I figured its time to be my own judge of it.And guess what: I #@% LOOOVED IT! Of course, the film won't be exactly as the comic books in certain areas, but I definitely had an eye opener to the comic book characters, especially Mystique, Professor X, and Magneto. If I had the money, I would absolutely-positively watch it again. I loved the scene in which Mystique's character is introduced. Extremely adorable in my opinion. (AND YES MYSTIQUE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!... but shhhh don't tell anyone.)...Anyways, I am excitingly satisfied with this movie because despite the short viewing of it, you see how the characters develop and even show a human side to them. I was actually surprised in seeing the development of Magneto and Professor X because of what I've seen in the cartoon series and hearing about them. For some of my friends who are fans of the comic book series, it wasn't much of a surprise but they did appreciate how it was shown. If you like superheroes and you love some kick ass mutant action: WATCH IT!!!
oh and P.S. MYSTIQUE ROCKS MY SOCKS...and again don't tell anyone ;D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Rockin' Website for Music Lovers

Two summers ago my mom got me a guitar along with an amp  for my birthday. I loved the guitar so much that I even name it Emma.  It was one of the best summers I ever had. But like many things, I never really picked it up for more than an hour. So, I decided this summer, along with other things, I will do my best to get into playing it.
Learning how to play a guitar is not easy. I have gone through podcasts and even videos on how to play but never really understood it. One day, I bought a chord sheet book in which it showed diagrams on how to hold the guitar and all those fancy details. It helped me get to understand chords but didn't give me a song I would like to play.
With the internet available at school, I looked up chord sheets for my favorite songs and stumbled upon a website called Ultimate-Guitar.com.
Me with my guitar Emma
Formed in the 1990's, it has become a source for people to learn their favorite songs and even post tabs for people to use. There are forums, interviews, lessons, and even contests. Its as if it were an online magazine for music lovers. Although, it may seem as if its only for guitars there is an occasional random drum tab. I DEFINITELY recommend this website for anybody who is interested in learning how to teach themselves guitar or just rock out their favorite song.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Shocking or Not Shocking Editorial! Still "Rockin" Issue

Recently I was flipping through a recent issue of Glamour and I saw an article titled “Why Men Love Porn by Jake” written by a consistent male writer. Even though there were a few things that upset me, I, surprisingly, appreciate Jake’s article for expressing the deal with guys and their consistent flux of porn.  A lot of girls get offended or take it personal when they find out their boyfriend or “significant other” has a rather huge collection of porn and playboy magazines. In some cases, the girl even starts to compare herself to the porn star on the screen or the topless girl on the page. That moment of insecurity puts the girl at risk for an argument with herself of whether she is even attractive enough for her boyfriend or for anyone at all.
The thing is except for amateur porn, most of what is on screen is actually acting. Jake himself says: “We know we’re looking at actors whose tanning, depilating and cosmetic surgery regimens are extreme. When I’m with a woman, I want to touch her skin, look in her eyes and, yes, even feel some hair. No one wants to be with a faker, and at some point, all that stuff is faking.” He made sure to clarify the difference between a “lithe, top-heavy, super-orgasmic bombshell” and “soft, sexy real women.”
There were a few things that bothered me of the article. For example he stated that porn can be an opportunity to connect with the significant other. One of his friends that he uses as a reference is quoted saying, “’Watching together can be a way of conveying your fantasies without having to have that awkward conversation.’”
Sure it could be another way to connect in a private moment but at the same time, it could be another way of losing communication in a relationship. There are certain awkward conversations that should happen between two people in order to establish that they both are willing to go the mile, and trust each other to communicate to the other whatever concern or suggestion they think could fit both.
Glamour's Jake
But at least Jake made sure to explain that guys aren’t all sex fiends: “Like you, we crave connection and caring alongside our crazy sex, but now and then we simply want a quick release, and we may get it from the gross, dumb but somehow arousing stuff that we relied on before we found you. It’s separate from the relationship and in no way equal. The thinking, feeling, warm, soft, sexy real women in our lives are just that: real. And there’s not a glowing screen in the world that comes close.” 

Note: If you want to check it online click on the link below: