Friday, December 3, 2010

BarHopping in NYC: Not That Easy

Google image: an nyc bar
Hey guys,
I know I haven't been posting that much. I give you my great apologies. I have been busy with school exams and doing things on the other side. Lately, I had just started bar hopping here in New York. So far, I have found bars in 3 boroughs already. But it wasn't easy. I came up with tips for those who are interested in barhopping:

1. Don't Over pack
Make sure to have the essentials, whether you are a female or a male. You want to make sure you look casual and "free," and you don't have a bunch of things going on that will attract attention away from you. Oh and make sure to have your state or regional ID, because you never know which bar cards people.
2. Digits are your best friend 
Have your number written in pieces of paper in your handy dandy pocket (i.e coat, pants, maybe dress) or purse. In this case, it would be efficient to have a working cell phone, so you wouldn't have to deal with that. Make sure that when you acquire numbers, you DO NOT forget to type their name. If you have to ask again, please do so, that way you avoid the awkward "hey, that...awesome"
3. Plan Ahead of Time
If you are going to be barhopping, plan a route to take with your friends, (if you do go with friends) so that you don't just randomly walk or drive around wasting time on what is the next bar. Agree on which bars to go next, so no arguments ensue. Also, make sure to figure out what to take whether it is driving or taking public transportation.
google image: even cartoons drink
4. Directions is A Must key
Unless you like wasting 2 hours finding a bar that is open which will probably be closed and then being lost, I strongly suggest to Google map the bars you are going to attend. Because nothing sucks more in barhopping than to have visited only one and be stuck walking around lost at a dangerous hour where creeps come out.
5. Don't Over stress it.
Be yourself. Don't think in your head all the time that no one is ever going to approach you. There are many types of people out there who go to bars to relax and have a good time. So why stress it, just have fun.
6. Safety isn't just back up
At the same time be sure to not put yourself in danger like walking alone in streets you know are empty or isn't part of a really nice neighborhood. Girls, if you don't know how to fight always have a mace spray with you. Believe it or not, your cell phone or pen, can be your weapon. If someone were to grab you from behind you can jab them with a pen from behind, step on their foot and hit them in the solar plexus. Make sure to run through with your friends of what you are going to do in case one of you decides to leave the group. DO NOT GET IN CARS WITH PEOPLE YOU JUST MET unless you know what you are getting into. There are consequences for everything and the one being responsible of you is you.
7. Don't over dress it.
It is easy to go from one extreme to another. Obviously, if you are barhopping you will be sweaty from dancing (unless you don't dance). So dress in something that isn't so tight fitting. Make sure you can move. At the same time, don't be a slob. As much as you can be yourself, there are those nice nifty first impressions people get from you. (i.e if you are a girl and you dress skimpy people will think you are easy or if you are a guy and you dress with some really tight skinny jeans, people will think something's going know what I mean). So avoid those two extremes.
8.Drink Responsibly
Google Image: another nyc bar
You really think, I wouldn't mention this? Of course, I would! See, I personally don't care if you are underage or of age and you are drinking. That is your choice. But if you really want to avoid getting in a situation where you wake up and you don't know where the heck you are, drink responsibly. If you are driving: please practice being the designated driver (if you don't know what it is Google it). If you want to drink make sure to eat something in between every whole beer or alcoholic drinks you take. And wait at least 2 hours for your liver to digest the alcohol intake. If anything, make sure to have someone's number who lives closeby who is also a driver and doesn't really like drinking. Trust me those people will come in handy and you want to avoid having a record in a police precinct.
9. Have Fun
You know very well the reason why you are barhopping.....BECAUSE IT IS FUN. Please do not tag along a group of people you don't like. Make sure to leave those cat fights for another day when you aren't wearing your best clothes and you have vasoline in handy. This night is to enjoy. So, please, make fun as your main reason and let the rest come after. Because it sure the hell sucks when you go to a club just to get laid and find yourself with an unwanted baby,abortion, and a whole lot of drama.

Live Long and Prosper

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I Don't Want to Grow Up, I am a Toys-R-Us Kid" (rant/discussion)

It's 2:00 AM and my friends and I are driving around trying to find a place to have the affordable price on our favorite toys. One got a NERF gun, another got a miniature teddy bear, and I got.....a barbie fairy. Yes, a Barbie Fairy. We all opened our packages with great enthusiasm and agreed that it was the best night, so far, of our lives. We discussed our childhood memories and agreed that our parents never understood our toys being as more than distractions. (Don't worry I won't be pulling up a big Freud post here). It made me think: "Why do we have to give up toys just because we are told that we are "too old"? Why? They are just toys, things we feel or felt, connected to our imagination. Originally, on holidays, toys become the perfect gift for children because they know later on, it would benefit them in the long run: the children whine less and irritate less. However, there is also the aspect of the toys helping to bring out the creativity of children. Most of the time it becomes a mode of inspiration to draw and make concepts like imaginary friends, or invent different games. As years go by, more things are given to them and the toys they played with before might end up being rejected by the same parents who bought them. The child would feel torn in thought of whether to ditch this toy or keep it. And so the parent would make the decision to ditch the toys or "pressure" (I use the term loosely here) the child to lose this toy/(s). Looking at this: Did you ever have a toy you loved so much and your parents ended up telling you to give it away or throw it away because you are "too old" for them? Ever wonder what happened to them if you don't have them now? Did you ever wished you wanted the toys being advertised on your favorite channel or before your favorite cartoon show (if you have one)? Did you ever tried to look for a specific toy and didn't find it anywhere? Thinking of it, yes we are older, but you know what: I still love Spice Girls, I still love dolls with fashionable clothes, I still love Legos, I still love toys! So why should I give up my toys just because I am "growing up." Like my grandpa always says: "I never gave up my inner child." So I won't give up mine. You are never too old to express your inner kid! It is damn friggin okay. It is your life and the only person entitled to keep or have what you want is you, no one else.So go ahead and buy that toy you want (if you can).

(if you want to see my album on toys, check my facebook page:Miss Bobo)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marcy Sparx: Mini-Comic (another comic book review)

Me and those damn reviews huh? (Lol). All humor aside, I really wanted to review this comic in the first place because a) I have never known of its existence and b) the artwork and color scheme is just in my market c)plus it has to do with supernatural stuff like angels, demons, and the usual the-end-of-the-world status. As a matter of a fact, my main reason for buying this comic book is because it mentions many actual legends, myths, and biblical names. The issue I read was the third in the mini-series, which is the first one I ever read for the moment so I don't know about the other issues (by the way this is not the cover of the issue I read). As you can see from the style it is a dark color scheme type. However, what gives it another bonus brownie point is the crass but true humor in the dialogue. The main character turns into a devil-girl usually when in combat and when she changes back she is a blond girl. Most of the time when I pick comic books, I am not usually into blonds but this one takes the cake. She is punky and funny and to mention kick-ass. (Yes, another female superhero). I personally  have a knack to get comic books with female main characters lately because I like to see females who take action instead of saying, "oh my hero." Though, there is Lois Lane; who was a woman with a career (among my friends we have come to the theory that she is a lizard woman but that is another blog post for another day).I guess right now I am more into female superheroes taking action and still being feminine. (I recommend finding a Comic Book Jones near you if there is because they have good prices and clearance items)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Raven (an exerpt) by Edgar Allan Poe

Since, Halloween is right around the corner (really it is). I decided to post an excerpt of one Edgar Allan Poe's famous poems, "The Raven," With no further ado:

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
"Sir," said I, "or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping,
And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
That I scarce was sure I heard you" — here I opened wide the door; —— Darkness there, and nothing more.    

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token,
And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, "Lenore!"
This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, "Lenore!"
                                                Merely this, and nothing more.    

Then into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon I heard again a tapping somewhat louder than before.
"Surely," said I, "surely that is something at my window lattice;
Let me see, then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore —
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore;—
                                    'Tis the wind, and nothing more!"    

Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore;
Not the least obeisance made he; not an instant stopped or stayed he;
But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door —
Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door —
                                         Perched, and sat, and nothing more.    

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
"Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou," I said, "art sure no craven,
Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the Nightly shore —
Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!"
                                             Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."    

Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly,
Though its answer little meaning — little relevancy bore;
For we cannot help agreeing that no sublunary being
Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above his chamber door —
Bird or beast upon the sculptured bust above his chamber door,
                                               With such name as "Nevermore."    

But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only
That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour.
Nothing farther then he uttered — not a feather then he fluttered —
Till I scarcely more than muttered, "Other friends have flown before —
On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before."
                                               Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."    

Wondering at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken,
"Doubtless," said I, "what it utters is its only stock and store,
Caught from some unhappy master whom unmerciful Disaster
Followed fast and followed faster — so, when Hope he would adjure,
Stern Despair returned, instead of the sweet Hope he dared adjure —
                                               That sad answer, "Nevermore!"

(If you wish to read more, click here to read the whole poem)

Lady Mechanika (a comic book review)

Yesterday a few friends and I went to Comic Book Jones to catch up on some comics. It was my first time there so I was very interested in the array of comic series they had on display. I got two comics called Lady Mechanika and Mercy Sparx. Both had awesome punky and grungy themes through their female characters. In Lady Mechanika you there is more of a SteamPunk theme in the artwork, which I frankly find amazing because it actually takes place in the 1800's. The main character is just awesome and kick ass. For the beginning of the comic it has a basic plot to follow. There isn't really that much of a mystery to get into in the beginning. Although, if you are into comics with kick-ass female main characters that curse like a sailor and a dark color scheme to go along with it, I recommend Lady Mechanika.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Is Feminism Gone Wrong?

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with someone on feminist ideals and we both arrived at the idea or rather the question: Is Feminism today gone wrong? Of course, he said yes and I didn't know if I wanted to answer back.  In the 1960's feminism was a big movement in which many women who participated wanted to stop being constricted exorcising their rights (i.e certain job positions, etc). The feminists who protested fought for what most of us females today have. However, at the end of that movement things seem to have gone out of control. The common view that women are superior than men has become a shared aspect of feminists today. More people have gone against the feminist's views(Susan Pinker) and others have decided to believe in it like a religion. I personally am not saying every feminist or non-femenist thinks this way; but majority goes to either extreme. I would like to have a nice conversation on the rights of a female with someone, whether they are male or female,without having to worry if being a feminist is wrong or misunderstood. When I say I am feminist, I mean that women should have equal opportunity as men to get equal paying jobs, or that it shouldn't be reprimanded or looked down upon if a woman decides not to have children. Women shouldn't be seen as some sort of animal or a goddess. They should be seen as human beings. I am not asking to bring the moon to me. I am just asking not be judged for having an opinion despite me having a vagina. Is this wrong?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moment for Some Hair! (mostly for girls)

I was able to get a little time for myself and make something new with my hair and ended up using this book you see here. The steps explained are easy to follow. And the beginning of the book gives you basic steps for prepping your hair and curling your hair. Pictures are included for most hairdo's so you can keep track of what you are doing. At the end of the book there is also a small section on cosmetics (lipstick, eyeliner makeup,and blush). I recommend this book if you need a hairstyle for when performing at your school play, Halloween, or just want to dress up that hair with something new.Everything else, you use your creativity (I was about to type MasterCard but it figures it has no context.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Teachers Vs. Professor (The Confusion That Seems To Be Acceptable)

 Lately, I have been thinking of my word choices and how other people use theirs. English isn't my native language and it always confuses me how people tend to use words as synonyms when the words don't really follow the same defenition. One perfect example is the Teacher vs. Professor debacle. College Freshmen tend to call their professors "teacher" because they are used to that since they just came out of high school. But as they enter classes their teaching instructors(for lack of a better word), tell them "don't call me a teacher, call me professor(insert last name here)" or even "Dr. (Insert Last Name here)." I used to think "why is that?" But now I realize why. High School, whether private or public, still is a part of the state educational system. Private high schools still have to comply with the same certain laws as public high schools. They still have to have standardized tests and/or exams. Whereas for college, it isn't really part of the state educational system. As a matter a fact, college is its own business. Students have to pay tuition, room & board, their own books, even their own matters of transportation. It becomes an environment in which students are set upon a bigger responsibility than when they are in the state educational system. So in that sense, when you go to college the person that is lecturing you the class deserves to be called "Dr." or "professor" because they are giving you, the student, the responsibility of not only looking after your grades, but your future career. Because when you finish college, no matter the amount of years taken in them, you will end up having a career with the help of mostly your college degree and, believe it or not, your professors. Why? Because most of the time the professors are actually half-time professors and working half-time in a career. For example, one of my professors teaches 3 classes a week and she works at a newspaper. And not only that, professors are given a lot more money than a teacher. They are looked upon more in even helping students individually on finding careerpaths. Whether it is being a journalist, technician, business marketer it doesn't matter, your professors/(s) become your connection to the career world. So if you are going to college soon, remember this: although they do the same job, there is still a difference between a "teacher" and a "professor."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My First Ever Award!

Thank you all for following and reading my blog. I just got this award and I am amazed. It's my first ever award. And so I am passing this award to other bloggers who really deserve an award. Thank you all for reading and commenting, I greatly appreciate it and I will try to make your following this blog worthwhile. Here are the awardees:
The Blogger Formerly Known As...
Kelly Milligan
Fire Lyte

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Is on the Next Block!!! (a look into the holiday and more!)

Seeing as how today is the 30th and October will start tomorrow, I thought maybe to talk about one of my favorite times of year: HALLOWEEN! Halloween has become one of those highly commercialized holidays with buying costumes and goody-bags and etc. But people really haven't considered the reason behind Halloween. Many people go trick or treating with their children or families door to door not knowing what the real origins of Halloween are. There have been studies that Halloween originated as part of a Celtic tradition*. Of course, if you all don't know this or you might have heard that Halloween's name actually goes back to "All Hallows Eve" which in 16th Century Scotland that meant the night before Hallows Day. (By the way most of what I am writing here is from wikipedia, it isn't my own ideas)**. Supposedly, it was part of a festival call Samhain. And the day of Halloween it was heard that it was the night in which the dead, both bad and good, can travel into the normal realm. Most of the reason of why people tell ghost stories and do all sorts of fun but "creepy" stuff is because of that. I can't wait until Halloween because I enjoy Halloween and the tradition behind it. I have recently discovered my pagan connection and this year will be my first year celebrating Samhain. I enjoy dressing up and glittering up and parading through the streets. (BTW, costumes was also a way to copy and/throw off spirits back then). So this October I will be posting weekly or bi-weekly (if that is a stories and pictures sent by YOU, the readers, that is related to Samhain or Halloween. They can be pranks, costumes, a local festival, local urban legends you have heard, freaky accidents, or some funny story that happened on Halloween. You can send it to my gmail : with the subject "Halloween". Hope you have a good All Hallows Eve! ^ ^


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

People Actually Believe in Faeries (Random Find!)

While I was looking for magazines for my class I saw a magazine for Fairies. Yes Fairies. There are people who believe in Fairies. I am not joking. Just as there is a community for people who make spells and practice witchcraft (which are not the same by the way), there are also people who do "Fae" magic (or magick whichever spelling fits). People believe that Faes are actually spiritual entities. They do have an origin that isn't mostly Disney. So no, Tinkerbell is still not real. I found it quite interesting as I flipped through it, that people actually go to Faerie or "Fae" conventions and dress up as faeries. This magazine is actually sold at your local Borders (if you have one). So if you don't believe me, see for yourself in the magazine section. I believe it is either in the religion or culture section. I am not lying to you the magazine does exist. (Click here if you want to see their website). This current issue has an interview with a "real life troll." I am just amazed this even exists. But I like it for the fact that they are defying the status quo of Faeries just being Disney characters. What do you think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Look at Something Nobody Really Looks At (a review)

I read this baby for one of my other classes. (College is very interesting by the way) and I peruise through it. They have very interesting articles and I find this worthy of buying and even subscribing to. You would think from the name that it would be about, I don't know, boring articles only doctors and psychologists read but no it isn't. There are informational shorts in which they say interesting facts about our culture. There was one short article about the fact that we blame the weather for our moods (there actually is no connection). The "reality" of lucky charms (not the cereal) and even the categories of shopaholics (sound familiar?lol). Personally, I loved it and was highly interested in it because it doesn't give me some stupid tabloid story that I really don't feel like reading. I mean come on! I really don't want to hear what such and such celebrity did, I can just look that up on facebook or Perez Hilton's website (ugh!!!!) Anyways, I do recommend this magazine for anyone who is looking for something intriguing and informational to actually read than to just flip through and ditch at the nearest trashcan.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Artist of the Month: Ian Daniels

I went to a Borders near my job and walked by this great locked display of gifts and found one beautiful version of Tarot Cards called the Vampyre Tarot Cards. From what I could make out, the art on the box was just amazing. The artist behind these dark intrinsic works of art is Ian Daniels. The whole color scheme of most of his art pieces online are amazing. I wish I was able to leaf through the cards but I figure there is a reason why they have it under lock and key. Sigh* And what is even more attractive of Ian's works of art is that they have their own unique style. There is no great influence of DC, Marvel or Anime involved. So in a sense, Ian defies the status quo in the art world. If you want to see more of his stuff you can click on his name that's hyperlinked above.

Beware of "Sinful Christians" (opinion and invitation)

I was reading a personal passage/account on Christianity in which Katheryne Applegate sort of criticizes today's "common" Christian. I found it interesting because she talks about how today's "common" Christian denounces any other views that are different from theirs. And she also pinpoints the question of what is exactly the "right" Christian. She says: "Rather, the problem comes when Christians are proud and unloving—even cruel—toward those who think differently, whatever the issue. This points to a deep spiritual problem...It’s all too easy to find Christians doing or saying very un-Christ-like things, often in the name of God or his Word. If Christianity is true, my friend wonders, why is it so hard to figure out what 'Christian' looks like?" And then she quotes from the Bible sort of saying that people who say "I love God" and then despises their next door neighbor is a hypocrite because that isn't "loving God." That is one of the reasons why I decided to be a spiritualist. I decided that I wasn't welcomed in the parish of my hometown because people always gave me judging looks of "what is she doing here." And it was all because I was the only person in that neighborhood that dressed different. I didn't feel welcomed in the house of God. I realized I rather find God on my own. I can't even enjoy a talk or criticism in the messageboards of True Blood without having someone saying a homosexual sex scene shouldn't be seen or how awful that Degrassi is showing a transgender character because they shouldn't exist. When it comes to a debate on homosexuality or abortion there is always somebody using short Bible quotations to support their opinion. It just makes me think: Didn't God also say in the Bible "love thy neighbor" or "judge and ye will be judged?" If people actually read the Bible by books (as in Genesis or Exodus) and discussed and reflected they wouldn't be saying those type of responses. (And I don't read a Bible either but I do have a book on the theories of theology so I am basically more informed). It seems to me today's Christian is of an ignorant type. What do you think?What are your personal accounts on religion?

If you are interested in reading the
aforementioned passage by Katheryne Applegate, click on this link: Sin in the Church

Who Said It Was Only CBGB's? (some Lady Gaga pics)

For those of you who live or are in the New York area, I don't know if you have heard of the famous CBGB's but it was famous (and it still is) for having underground and mainstream bands perform at an affordable ticket price. Well, they moved a few years ago and have continue to support bands and artists to grow their fanbase. However, after they left I feel like many people have been lost finding venues and other places in which they can meet and listen to their favorite bands. And in reality there has been one around the nyc area all along: The Knitting Factory. The Knitting
Factory has been around since 2002. They moved from manhattan to brooklyn which may or may not work on their favor. I once went to the manhattan location and saw Lady Gaga performed there. She wasn't mainstream yet at the time and I was able to at least compliment her on the show (it wasn't really a big deal.). She had brunette hair back then...but anyways. A lot of underground and upcoming bands play there and talk to their fans. There are also events such as free wednesday kareoke and movie double-feature nights. I do recommend going there because you will find good bands along with bad ones and you will have a great time. If you are an upcoming artist or in a band  in the New york area I recommend calling them and talking to them on a submission of your work to see if you can perform at one of their locations. "The Knit" also has locations in Hollywood, Nevada, and Montana. You can check them out online on this link: Knitting Factory Entertainment 

Oh and by the way if you are a Lady Gaga fan I found her images from
 another blog called Lady Gaga before the Fame 
if you are interested in seeing how she really was.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Cat-Eyed Twist

Cat-eyed glasses have been the hot sensation of the 1950's for women and girls.They have a thick rim and have the frame at both corners shaped in a pointed manner. At times I thought it sort of looked weird just alone by itself, but as I would look onto many other faces wearing these glasses, I realized that they actually complimented the facial female structure. According to one article I found(link found below) they were actually invented even before the 1950's. Who knows maybe there was an older style that induced this cat-eyed twist. But what is really rather peculiar is that this is becoming a recycled trend among the rockabilly,retro,and vintage market of today. I see 1 out of every 12 girls in subway train stations wearing these. I really want to have my own pair. Though, for what it is they can be quite expensive at certain times but if you look closely you can find them at your typical CVS or pharmacy store,if you are lucky anyway.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VampireFreaks,Not that Scary?

There are many socializing websites where people have abused the use of it to engage in conversations with people they know. Reading Jodie-Ann's blogpost on social networks, it has made me research and read about one of the socializing networks I use: VampireFreaks is a socializing network that like Myspace, it started first for people who have music in common to talk and meet their bands. Since then it has grown with members and progressed. But as any socializing network it has negative history. It was interesting to know that there weren't that much crime cases related to this website. However, it doesn't change the fact that a part of those crime cases were related to minors engaging in social and sexual activity with adults who use the site. Three or four of them relate in the minors getting killed. In one case there was the usual statutory rape thing going on in which ended with the minor not remembering having sex or even talking to the guy she associated with and him not going to jail. (I don't even know what to say about that). However, as any social networking site, it has have positive feedback from people who have found the love of their lives on the site. On Valentine's Day they come up on the site to post their love story so people can read them. Which is good because they are spreading hope on the site for VF members who have problems finding "true love." However, it doesn't change the fact that like myspace,facebook, or any of those socializing networks; it can harm people if they don't take care of themselves and be wary of who they talk to. If you are a minor and you are reading this:  Danger never has a specific face, it always wear a mask. So if you don't want to die or be raped, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO! Because you never know if that person is the next Hannibal Lector.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Does This Make Me Look Fat? (an opinon not a fact)

So lately, I have watched some of my favorite shows and realized that one of the reasons why I love them is because they actually have at least one normal looking person. Exhibit A: Criminal Minds. Not only do I love the show for exposing the criminality of this world but for actually having one of my favorite characters,Penelope Garcia, aka Kirsten Vangsness. On camera she acts as Penolope Garcia, a hacker who was hired by the FBI to help catch criminals.She always has some hot rocking outfit on camera and off-stage.And it isn't only because of her style that I admire her. No it is because she is not "slim" or "thin." She is a full-figured woman and isn't afraid to look femenine in what she sees fit. She is beautiful in her own personal way. Sure she isn't tall or "thin" but at least she looks healthy and gorgeous. I never really comprehended why people appraise being "thin" when in reality we are only supposed to have a certain weight according to our height. That is one of the reasons why maybe a lot of teens fall into bulemia and anorexia. They think being "normal" is being "thin." And that is a mistake in my opinion. Recently, a show on "heavy" teens has been airing on ABC family. Yes, you might have heard it. It's called Huge and it stars with Nikki Blonsky who starred in a rendition of Hairspray in 2007. Huge is about a group of teenagers embarking on a journey to loose weight on a camp designed just for that. I watch it for seeing Nikki Blonsky act as Willamina, a strong-willed person who believes(just as I do) that girls should accept themselves just the way they are in their beautiful curves. And that my friends is what girls and boys, too, should do: accept themselves and be healthy at the same time. I just hope that more shows come up with these type of characters so other people could see that curves are beautiful too.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Marilyn Manson Without Make-up

Yes, it is a video of Marilyn Manson without make-up. I found this and I was surprised. He looked quite (handsome in my opinion) when he was a teenager and earlier in his career (pre-makeup status). It really surprised me since he has had many years wearing make-up. In reality that isn't even his real name. His real name is Brian Hugh Warner and he comes from a strict background (kinda explains his outrageous behavior). What is even crazy was he originally studied journalism when he went to college. Who would have thought that this controversial figure was going to study journalism in college. That just blows my mind. Oh and it gets better. You know how Marilyn and Trent Reznor are best buds? Well Trent actually produced and co-produced a couple of Marilyn's albums. Meanwhile Marilyn dated Jessicka from Jack off Jill and helped with their albums. Though, what really caught me off balance was reading that he actually contributed in one of DMX's albums. (Wow now that was off the ballpark). Anyways, enjoy the slideshow

GuestBlogger of the Month: Jodie-Ann

So along with interviews I will try to get a monthly guestblogger here just to spruce up the fun. Our first is Jodie-Ann from The Run-On Sentences of Life blog ( Here is her post:

Poo In My Tights. {Don't read if you have a weak stomache.}

Hello, fellow humans. I feel like telling you guys about my most embarrassing moment. It has to be when I was in the third grade. I don't know what was up with me. But, I was having some really bad diarrhea. Yep. Horrible. It was kind of... dripping.
Anyways, that's besides the point. I went to the office and called my dad to get me. Thank God he was at home. I knew that he was going to take like 40 minutes to get to me. So, I put paper under me and sat on a chair. Then, I waited for my dad. Sadly though, the smell was getting out. Everyone who came in was like "Ugh! What's that smell?!" The whole time, I was thinking "Crap. Crap. Crap. Kill me now. Crap. Crap. Crap." Thankfully they left. And I was like "Sigh of relief." But, they weren't the last of people to come into the office. Atleast the secretary was nice and didn't say anything.
A half an hour later, my dad came. I was thinking "THANK YOU, JESUS!" So, my dad picked me up, sort of like how you hold a princess. Just a smelly princess who pooed in her tights. The funny thing is that I was wearing a skirt. (LOL!) Anyways, he carried me out, running like a madman. And i mean he was RUNNING. Like sprinting out of the office, down the hall and out the school.
When we got outside, he opened the van door and put newspapers on the seat and put me down. Then, he drove home.
And that's it. I took a shower, etc. :) You just got to love the third grade.


If you like what you just read, (which if you didn't then you sure are missing out) you can check out her block on the given link above her post. However, I do have her on my blogroll "Just For Fun" with a thumbnail if it's much easier.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Poupee?

I know you have noticed that small banner at the bottom corner of this blog. Yes, I surrender I joined one of those dress-dolls website. And yes it is for girls. There I said it. I really am not ashamed of it. In fact, I have found more people who dress different on this site than on myspace and facebook. So you want to know what it is? Well.. poupee girl is a japanese website where girls can actually dress up a doll but also post pictures of their actual clothes. Every members earns a currency of "ribbons" and can buy"jewels." You earn ribbons by posting pics of clothes,commenting on other people's clothes,and selling your doll's clothes. Jewels is the part where the people who own this website get their money since you have to buy them. However, what is interesting about this website is that you can actually link your blog or website to your "poupee home." Which helps your blog or website, because anybody who clicks the link can see it right away. So far, I have to admit it is a bit addictive but I like it because I find different people everyday from different places including and especially Japan. This website according to wikipedia has more than 500,000 members. (Which is just crazy).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Linger , It's a Sequel All Right

Linger, the sequel to Shiver is now available to buy or check out at your local library/bookstore. It is written by Maggie Stiefvater, who started writing novels since she was 22,according to her website*. What is even more amazing is that there is a hint on her webpage that her Wolves of Mercy Falls series is going to turn into a movie. Which might or might not be the plus point for her books. She has successfully achieved getting her books out internationally. According to her blog**, her book Lament is on the process of getting released in the UK on January 2011 (which is coming up by the way). What else can she be doing right now? Well I don't know. I haven't read her other books so far, but from reading the first installment in the Wolves of Mercy Falls, I can mildly recommend this series, (especially if you are into the werewolf & supernatural theme).

*If you want more information on her books and about her check out her website:
**or you can read her blog:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's A Massacre All Right.

For those of you who are fans of The Birthday Massacre, I bring you good news! They are coming to New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Colorado and even Canada. What is exciting is that they will be touring around the fall (perfect to get up in those boots and cool sweaters.)

Ever since there start in 1999 they have kicked off in great ways and gained a high rate of fans raging from nationwide to even internationally. Of course, who wouldn't tune in with those wicked melodies of childlike-lullaby sounds mixed with hardcore guitar tracks, giving them the real defenition of The Birthday Massacre.
Not only are they going to kick off with a tour, they'll be rocking out a new album on Sept.14th.
And what is amazing is that they have short clips on their myspace page, giving sneek peeks to their fans.Though what never changes is the color of their albums (purple). Which gives them their own unique stamp besides the album artwork and title.

*If you want more info on when and where they are going to appear, check their myspace:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Opening Motion Attraction: Attack of the Purse

It's fall and october is coming up. You might be looking for some good horror movies to hit up at the cineplex with your friends or your signifcant other. So why don't you take a good purse in commemoration of your love for horror. And for under 20 bucks you can find these puppies to buy. I frankly love the design for them because it reminds me of that whole 50's retro style along with the comicx too. You can find them both on sale at AYP's online store (check my recent posts on them if you are not up to date on what they are).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

SURPRISE! It's an extra extra extra!

I was going to plan to publish this surprise in two weeks but since I promised interviewing some bands. I got a surprise band interview just for you. This weekend's interview is with Ideal Zero, an alternative rock group from Orlando, Florida who according to their info on their sites, started out in April of this year and are currently working on getting their demo out. Here they are and hope you enjoy this interview:

1.  Let's get down to business and tell us what was the reason to get together and make a band?
Well, we’ve all been in music projects and bands previous to coming together. We wanted to bring all our different backgrounds and styles together to form a group that is unique as well as expressive of our similar views on philosophy. One of our primary goals upon forming was to write songs that are not only powerful musically, but also in our messages about independence and individuality.

2.  How many concerts have you performed?
Only 2 thus far! We have only been together for 4 months now, and we are slowly starting to get out there. We were really nervous at first, but we love it!

3. Vampire or Werewolf? (each band member could have a different answer)
Come on now…our lead singer is from Romania! Has to be vampire.

4. What is your main goal for 2011, professionally and personal (if i may ask)?
By 2011 we hope to be well-established and have our name known. So many bands work at it for several years before establishing themselves even in the local scene. We want to work as hard as it takes to speed up the process and get the ball rolling!

5. What helps you out in writing songs and tuning up the sound?
One thing we’ve all noticed is that you just can’t force music writing. Inspiration has to hit you. Our best songs have been written when we were just sitting around and not being too serious about it. Also, expressing our personal views about life and incorporating our own life experiences always leads to an original and genuine song writing experience.

6. Ever had writer's block or musician block (lol if that is even a term)? What do you do?
Of course! Again, when this happens you can’t force it. If it isn’t happening, anything you try to force won’t be very good. The magic of music is that which comes from the soul and the heart. Often times, it just isn’t coming out right and you need to sit back and relax. At least that’s how it is for some of us. Clint (our keyboard player) works differently…if he gets stuck he will stick to it for hours or even days until he gets the results he wants. Not everything about music is emotion, there is a lot of technicality that has to be worked upon in order to be perfected- again, that’s where Clint comes in.

7. If your band was a superhero what would be the name?
Not sure about this one…don’t ask us to come up with names for anything! We start thinking about something that sounds cool but also has a significant meaning and then we come up with so many things and get off track. It took us months to come up with Ideal Zero.

8. Top Five favorite bands that you all agree on?
It would be hard to get us ALL to agree. We all have extremely different tastes. Our favorite local band would have to be Traverser.
After that our individual favorites range from Jimmy Buffett to Megadeath to Type O Negative, and let us not leave out the best band of all time…The Beatles!

9.  Do you have a motto?
”The individual is greater than the collective.”

10.  And if you guys had three wishes what would it be?
Make it big! Make a living off doing our music, and tour the world!
 if you like those deep melodic but filled with some wicked rock sounds, Ideal Zero is just the right find.
 Check band members  Irina Nicula (vocals), Clint Waddell (keyboards), Tim Smith (guitar). Richard Caballero (Bass), and Adam Panzella (Drums), out on myspace, facebook, or on their website:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's not M&M's, It's S&M (Controversial Alert!)

You know, I never really thought of writing about it until I realize that some part of the people I know might be participating in this. And before you check if I used the right information I am using wikipedia for most of the topics I post on this blog. So correct me if you want.

S&M stands for "sadomasochism" and also according to another article* is a way to "play" with your partner. It is part of the whole BDSM community in which people do other things to sexually role play (Bondage & Discipline; Dominance & Submission; and of course Sadism & Masochism). In each of these situations or "lifestyles" there is the common situation in which someone inflicts "suffering" and the other person receives it. Now it is a popular, and even considered common, among many young couples. However, it isn't a trend; this lifestyle choice has been practiced for many decades. According to the wikipedia article, it has been studied originally by two scientists Marquis De Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch as a "phenomena" of human behavior within people with mental illnesses/sociopaths and or people "with malicious social and sexual behaviors" (that sounds rapists to me) in the 1800's. I think the rest you can find out for yourself. However, it has been a very convenient topic among people to discuss of whether it is right or wrong to do it. I frankly would never partake into that because of how I feel about that personally. But knowing one of my friends, it is a choice among people. It isn't really a rape situation for the most of them anyway. Though, I think it is a lot to think about because sometimes you do have to look at the psychology of the person. No one really knows if a person partaking in a lifestyle like this might have a mental trauma or an issue in which they were made into a submissive person or because they were taught to "inflict suffering" on others. Everyone chooses what lifestyles they want to partake in. It's all on the person's perspective. So in reality, the question for this type of lifestyle isn't whether it is right or wrong; it's whether it is right for you as the individual and even your significant other (if you have one).

 photos were courtesy of dreamstime members Yurok, Soupstock, Promicro, and Cheshhh

What is In the Mystery Box Today?

So like I promised I did my first interview while hanging out in the city with my mystery model (another surprise) and we spotted an awesome kid all by himself. His name is Joshua Vasquez and he is 15. Read on:
MB: So what music you listen to?
JV: Post-hardcore and mostly underground.
MB: What's your top five bands?
JV: A Day To Remember
Dance Gavin Dance
I Set My Friends on Fire
We Came As Romans
Pierce The Veil
Pierce The ViewMB: Oh cool. Any recent concerts.
JV: Yeah, I went to this concert called Scream It Like You Mean IT 2010. 8 bands went. It was pretty hot.
MB: Oh that is interesting. I figured the second one was your favorite. So Vampire or Werewolf?
JV: Werewolf.
MB: What is your favorite superhero?
JV: Iceman because it would be cool to have your own transportation just to slide on ice.
MB: What do you do for a living?
JV: I go to school and I go to work. I play in a small band. We don't have a name yet but we would call it Set In Motion.
MB: What makes you you?
JV: The people I hang out with, the music I listen to and the clothes that I wear. I am like seperated from the kids at my school. They all listen to the current rap and hip-hop.
MB: I know that sucks.How do you feel about that?
JV: I don't know. I don't really see the point about that. It's all about sex and drugs. I am more into the underground stuff. I am just used to it.

That was this week's mystery interview. But trust me there is more coming. :)  Oh and by the way the photos are courtesy of Josh's archives.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes Good News are just Good News

So right now as I am progressing with this blog I have come up with new ideas to keep you guys entertained and informed. Every two weeks I will post an interview of someone new who is part of our alternative-styling-and-unique community (with photos of them too). Some of them will be bands or people who are involved in the Arts.....or maybe a surprise guest. Who knows (only I do). You are going to absolutely love it if not, entertained. Also, I am hoping I can get a raffle or a way for people to donate to the blog. In the end you will be rewarded with a free "givie" once I am given an address from the winner, in which I can send it to. And other surprises in store for you the reader. Your support, I assure you will be rewarded. And thank you all for following, reading, and commenting on my blog. I greatly appreciate it!

On the Get-go,
Miss Bobo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flick Those Lights on!

ok I know what a weird title but i have realized that lately most of my friends have a fascination of lighters and fire related. They have some handy plastic lighter in their pockets for when having their random flicking-lighter-under-your-finger. Guy or girl, it doesn't matter, they are pyromaniacs. I prefer old school but ehh... At AYP (I just mention them so much^^) they sell the old school 50's style metal lighters for close to 10 dollars with designs on them. Whether it's Che Guevera, Betty Page, or just a cherry, these lighters have a design and you can pop them open. Not only are these cool, but as I said before, they are old school, especially in its zippo* style. They are "windproof" and they are able to stay lit in other harsh weathers. So in the end, they are worth it. If you are a pyromaniac and/or dig the whole vintage lighters check them out at

*got the info from

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stomp To The Beat

They can be worn at any given time but the fall and winter is coming up and there will be new Rockfests to hit up and places to go out in the fall weather. You want to keep those footsies warm and snug. know what I am talking about: boots. They're cool whether in straps, in laces, platform, and any dark style you like! They look great with a short skirt and/or fishnets/lace tights, ready to highlight those legs of yours as you strut your stuff. Or you can wear them with some jeans. The point is: they're great for when sneakers aren't enough to warm your feet in those cold times or you want to look casually hot-and-tough. Be on the lookout at any shoe store like Shoemania, Zappos, AYP, even Sears. You never know you can find it for a good price.

(photos are courtesy to dreamtime members Pkripper503, Stab, Chaoss)