Monday, October 1, 2012

No Doubt 2.0: New Album Out!

album cover courtesy of No Doubt's facebook
Hi guys, long time no see. Hope you all are starting your October with a bang if not wish you the best on one.

Hectic as usual I have been lost in transit most of the time going places and meeting people. However big news!!!!

No Doubt just came out on September 25, 2012 with their new album Push and Shove and so far have been able to climb up the Billboards as #33. Folks at Billboard predict that with 125,000 they will be able to be No.3 in the charts.

It was really unexpected that the group will come back with a new album after being "on hiatus" since 2004 (according to the interview on their facebook page) and each going onto their own projects (unexpected babies included). But after their North American tour on 2009, the band decided to get together and make a new album . These past summer months passing by, their facebook page has been updated with new pictures: anticipating their new album Push and Shove.

picture courtesy of
Infused with old sounds and new sounds of ska, dancehall, and electronic pop, Push and Shove brings out the growth of No Doubt. You will find with songs like "Looking Hot" and "Undercover" the influence of the dancehall sound AND find their old ska elements in songs like "Settle Down" and "Push and Shove."With soft lyrics and Gwen Stefani's sultry voice. I definitely think with this new album they will be back on the charts as a cross-generational band. Hopefully they will be around for the long run.

Point: Check out their album.

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

P.S. here's a video of one of their songs. Check. It. Out.