Friday, December 3, 2010

BarHopping in NYC: Not That Easy

Google image: an nyc bar
Hey guys,
I know I haven't been posting that much. I give you my great apologies. I have been busy with school exams and doing things on the other side. Lately, I had just started bar hopping here in New York. So far, I have found bars in 3 boroughs already. But it wasn't easy. I came up with tips for those who are interested in barhopping:

1. Don't Over pack
Make sure to have the essentials, whether you are a female or a male. You want to make sure you look casual and "free," and you don't have a bunch of things going on that will attract attention away from you. Oh and make sure to have your state or regional ID, because you never know which bar cards people.
2. Digits are your best friend 
Have your number written in pieces of paper in your handy dandy pocket (i.e coat, pants, maybe dress) or purse. In this case, it would be efficient to have a working cell phone, so you wouldn't have to deal with that. Make sure that when you acquire numbers, you DO NOT forget to type their name. If you have to ask again, please do so, that way you avoid the awkward "hey, that...awesome"
3. Plan Ahead of Time
If you are going to be barhopping, plan a route to take with your friends, (if you do go with friends) so that you don't just randomly walk or drive around wasting time on what is the next bar. Agree on which bars to go next, so no arguments ensue. Also, make sure to figure out what to take whether it is driving or taking public transportation.
google image: even cartoons drink
4. Directions is A Must key
Unless you like wasting 2 hours finding a bar that is open which will probably be closed and then being lost, I strongly suggest to Google map the bars you are going to attend. Because nothing sucks more in barhopping than to have visited only one and be stuck walking around lost at a dangerous hour where creeps come out.
5. Don't Over stress it.
Be yourself. Don't think in your head all the time that no one is ever going to approach you. There are many types of people out there who go to bars to relax and have a good time. So why stress it, just have fun.
6. Safety isn't just back up
At the same time be sure to not put yourself in danger like walking alone in streets you know are empty or isn't part of a really nice neighborhood. Girls, if you don't know how to fight always have a mace spray with you. Believe it or not, your cell phone or pen, can be your weapon. If someone were to grab you from behind you can jab them with a pen from behind, step on their foot and hit them in the solar plexus. Make sure to run through with your friends of what you are going to do in case one of you decides to leave the group. DO NOT GET IN CARS WITH PEOPLE YOU JUST MET unless you know what you are getting into. There are consequences for everything and the one being responsible of you is you.
7. Don't over dress it.
It is easy to go from one extreme to another. Obviously, if you are barhopping you will be sweaty from dancing (unless you don't dance). So dress in something that isn't so tight fitting. Make sure you can move. At the same time, don't be a slob. As much as you can be yourself, there are those nice nifty first impressions people get from you. (i.e if you are a girl and you dress skimpy people will think you are easy or if you are a guy and you dress with some really tight skinny jeans, people will think something's going know what I mean). So avoid those two extremes.
8.Drink Responsibly
Google Image: another nyc bar
You really think, I wouldn't mention this? Of course, I would! See, I personally don't care if you are underage or of age and you are drinking. That is your choice. But if you really want to avoid getting in a situation where you wake up and you don't know where the heck you are, drink responsibly. If you are driving: please practice being the designated driver (if you don't know what it is Google it). If you want to drink make sure to eat something in between every whole beer or alcoholic drinks you take. And wait at least 2 hours for your liver to digest the alcohol intake. If anything, make sure to have someone's number who lives closeby who is also a driver and doesn't really like drinking. Trust me those people will come in handy and you want to avoid having a record in a police precinct.
9. Have Fun
You know very well the reason why you are barhopping.....BECAUSE IT IS FUN. Please do not tag along a group of people you don't like. Make sure to leave those cat fights for another day when you aren't wearing your best clothes and you have vasoline in handy. This night is to enjoy. So, please, make fun as your main reason and let the rest come after. Because it sure the hell sucks when you go to a club just to get laid and find yourself with an unwanted baby,abortion, and a whole lot of drama.

Live Long and Prosper