Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh Madame So Has a Video!

Remember my post back in January about this awesome artist by the name Madame So?

Well...a Youtube video was released with one of her songs on her album "Sell-by Date". Check.it.Out

And if you dig her music, please show some support by voting for her here. You do have to register with an email but you'll be able to vote for her multiple times (show that fandom *jazz hands*).

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo!

It's Been A Long Time

*walks out of cave* I see the light. Oh how marvelous! *looks at everyone and jumps* GYAAAAAAA!

You're still here. Hello. Hello.Hello.Hello.
my sorryness
 (meme found on www.troll.me)

Oh how I have missed you. May I hug you? *hesitates*

It's been such a long time! I took an unexpected MIA status (it wasn't even vacation..yep that serious!) from blogger. There have been times on occasion that I had a great somethings to tell you; give to the world and I couldn't do it because I was lost in all the papers I did not want to do.

EXCUSES! EXCUSES! I know. I sadly know T.T

But I am back and this is just a post of sorryness with all that I can muster.

Onwards comes the epicness of all that I can ever give.

Thank you for holding on to this blog with all your might. I still love you!

Now onto better things

Here is some cake: