Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boohoo and Crazy Myth Daffodils

Well, no one submitted a Halloween story and I just didn't get online because of schoolwork and drama. My apologies. I will see to giving a heads up before I disappear into thin air. Now in other news....I have been musically addicted to a "tricky pixie" who is currently an underground artist. Her name is S.J. Tucker and she is as her facebook page says, "a constant musical journeywoman" on the road since 2004.
Her songs reaches into the depths of Celtic rock and sits in the dwellings of myth punk. Especially for those of you out there who love the mystical aspects of the realm of the Fantasy world you will love her music.
And not only does she do most of her own music, she also does spoken word and artwork. How awesome is that!

If  you are highly interested in her music you can click on her highlighted name above and can buy the tracks she has for a dollar. YES A DOLLAR! If you want to find out even more about her you can check her page on facebook:
or her blog:

Til Next Blog Post,
Miss Bobo

P.S. I most likely will not have a blog post up tomorrow so Merry Thanksgiving Day everybody!