Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Is on the Next Block!!! (a look into the holiday and more!)

Seeing as how today is the 30th and October will start tomorrow, I thought maybe to talk about one of my favorite times of year: HALLOWEEN! Halloween has become one of those highly commercialized holidays with buying costumes and goody-bags and etc. But people really haven't considered the reason behind Halloween. Many people go trick or treating with their children or families door to door not knowing what the real origins of Halloween are. There have been studies that Halloween originated as part of a Celtic tradition*. Of course, if you all don't know this or you might have heard that Halloween's name actually goes back to "All Hallows Eve" which in 16th Century Scotland that meant the night before Hallows Day. (By the way most of what I am writing here is from wikipedia, it isn't my own ideas)**. Supposedly, it was part of a festival call Samhain. And the day of Halloween it was heard that it was the night in which the dead, both bad and good, can travel into the normal realm. Most of the reason of why people tell ghost stories and do all sorts of fun but "creepy" stuff is because of that. I can't wait until Halloween because I enjoy Halloween and the tradition behind it. I have recently discovered my pagan connection and this year will be my first year celebrating Samhain. I enjoy dressing up and glittering up and parading through the streets. (BTW, costumes was also a way to copy and/throw off spirits back then). So this October I will be posting weekly or bi-weekly (if that is a stories and pictures sent by YOU, the readers, that is related to Samhain or Halloween. They can be pranks, costumes, a local festival, local urban legends you have heard, freaky accidents, or some funny story that happened on Halloween. You can send it to my gmail : with the subject "Halloween". Hope you have a good All Hallows Eve! ^ ^


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

People Actually Believe in Faeries (Random Find!)

While I was looking for magazines for my class I saw a magazine for Fairies. Yes Fairies. There are people who believe in Fairies. I am not joking. Just as there is a community for people who make spells and practice witchcraft (which are not the same by the way), there are also people who do "Fae" magic (or magick whichever spelling fits). People believe that Faes are actually spiritual entities. They do have an origin that isn't mostly Disney. So no, Tinkerbell is still not real. I found it quite interesting as I flipped through it, that people actually go to Faerie or "Fae" conventions and dress up as faeries. This magazine is actually sold at your local Borders (if you have one). So if you don't believe me, see for yourself in the magazine section. I believe it is either in the religion or culture section. I am not lying to you the magazine does exist. (Click here if you want to see their website). This current issue has an interview with a "real life troll." I am just amazed this even exists. But I like it for the fact that they are defying the status quo of Faeries just being Disney characters. What do you think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Look at Something Nobody Really Looks At (a review)

I read this baby for one of my other classes. (College is very interesting by the way) and I peruise through it. They have very interesting articles and I find this worthy of buying and even subscribing to. You would think from the name that it would be about, I don't know, boring articles only doctors and psychologists read but no it isn't. There are informational shorts in which they say interesting facts about our culture. There was one short article about the fact that we blame the weather for our moods (there actually is no connection). The "reality" of lucky charms (not the cereal) and even the categories of shopaholics (sound familiar?lol). Personally, I loved it and was highly interested in it because it doesn't give me some stupid tabloid story that I really don't feel like reading. I mean come on! I really don't want to hear what such and such celebrity did, I can just look that up on facebook or Perez Hilton's website (ugh!!!!) Anyways, I do recommend this magazine for anyone who is looking for something intriguing and informational to actually read than to just flip through and ditch at the nearest trashcan.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Artist of the Month: Ian Daniels

I went to a Borders near my job and walked by this great locked display of gifts and found one beautiful version of Tarot Cards called the Vampyre Tarot Cards. From what I could make out, the art on the box was just amazing. The artist behind these dark intrinsic works of art is Ian Daniels. The whole color scheme of most of his art pieces online are amazing. I wish I was able to leaf through the cards but I figure there is a reason why they have it under lock and key. Sigh* And what is even more attractive of Ian's works of art is that they have their own unique style. There is no great influence of DC, Marvel or Anime involved. So in a sense, Ian defies the status quo in the art world. If you want to see more of his stuff you can click on his name that's hyperlinked above.

Beware of "Sinful Christians" (opinion and invitation)

I was reading a personal passage/account on Christianity in which Katheryne Applegate sort of criticizes today's "common" Christian. I found it interesting because she talks about how today's "common" Christian denounces any other views that are different from theirs. And she also pinpoints the question of what is exactly the "right" Christian. She says: "Rather, the problem comes when Christians are proud and unloving—even cruel—toward those who think differently, whatever the issue. This points to a deep spiritual problem...It’s all too easy to find Christians doing or saying very un-Christ-like things, often in the name of God or his Word. If Christianity is true, my friend wonders, why is it so hard to figure out what 'Christian' looks like?" And then she quotes from the Bible sort of saying that people who say "I love God" and then despises their next door neighbor is a hypocrite because that isn't "loving God." That is one of the reasons why I decided to be a spiritualist. I decided that I wasn't welcomed in the parish of my hometown because people always gave me judging looks of "what is she doing here." And it was all because I was the only person in that neighborhood that dressed different. I didn't feel welcomed in the house of God. I realized I rather find God on my own. I can't even enjoy a talk or criticism in the messageboards of True Blood without having someone saying a homosexual sex scene shouldn't be seen or how awful that Degrassi is showing a transgender character because they shouldn't exist. When it comes to a debate on homosexuality or abortion there is always somebody using short Bible quotations to support their opinion. It just makes me think: Didn't God also say in the Bible "love thy neighbor" or "judge and ye will be judged?" If people actually read the Bible by books (as in Genesis or Exodus) and discussed and reflected they wouldn't be saying those type of responses. (And I don't read a Bible either but I do have a book on the theories of theology so I am basically more informed). It seems to me today's Christian is of an ignorant type. What do you think?What are your personal accounts on religion?

If you are interested in reading the
aforementioned passage by Katheryne Applegate, click on this link: Sin in the Church

Who Said It Was Only CBGB's? (some Lady Gaga pics)

For those of you who live or are in the New York area, I don't know if you have heard of the famous CBGB's but it was famous (and it still is) for having underground and mainstream bands perform at an affordable ticket price. Well, they moved a few years ago and have continue to support bands and artists to grow their fanbase. However, after they left I feel like many people have been lost finding venues and other places in which they can meet and listen to their favorite bands. And in reality there has been one around the nyc area all along: The Knitting Factory. The Knitting
Factory has been around since 2002. They moved from manhattan to brooklyn which may or may not work on their favor. I once went to the manhattan location and saw Lady Gaga performed there. She wasn't mainstream yet at the time and I was able to at least compliment her on the show (it wasn't really a big deal.). She had brunette hair back then...but anyways. A lot of underground and upcoming bands play there and talk to their fans. There are also events such as free wednesday kareoke and movie double-feature nights. I do recommend going there because you will find good bands along with bad ones and you will have a great time. If you are an upcoming artist or in a band  in the New york area I recommend calling them and talking to them on a submission of your work to see if you can perform at one of their locations. "The Knit" also has locations in Hollywood, Nevada, and Montana. You can check them out online on this link: Knitting Factory Entertainment 

Oh and by the way if you are a Lady Gaga fan I found her images from
 another blog called Lady Gaga before the Fame 
if you are interested in seeing how she really was.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Cat-Eyed Twist

Cat-eyed glasses have been the hot sensation of the 1950's for women and girls.They have a thick rim and have the frame at both corners shaped in a pointed manner. At times I thought it sort of looked weird just alone by itself, but as I would look onto many other faces wearing these glasses, I realized that they actually complimented the facial female structure. According to one article I found(link found below) they were actually invented even before the 1950's. Who knows maybe there was an older style that induced this cat-eyed twist. But what is really rather peculiar is that this is becoming a recycled trend among the rockabilly,retro,and vintage market of today. I see 1 out of every 12 girls in subway train stations wearing these. I really want to have my own pair. Though, for what it is they can be quite expensive at certain times but if you look closely you can find them at your typical CVS or pharmacy store,if you are lucky anyway.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VampireFreaks,Not that Scary?

There are many socializing websites where people have abused the use of it to engage in conversations with people they know. Reading Jodie-Ann's blogpost on social networks, it has made me research and read about one of the socializing networks I use: VampireFreaks is a socializing network that like Myspace, it started first for people who have music in common to talk and meet their bands. Since then it has grown with members and progressed. But as any socializing network it has negative history. It was interesting to know that there weren't that much crime cases related to this website. However, it doesn't change the fact that a part of those crime cases were related to minors engaging in social and sexual activity with adults who use the site. Three or four of them relate in the minors getting killed. In one case there was the usual statutory rape thing going on in which ended with the minor not remembering having sex or even talking to the guy she associated with and him not going to jail. (I don't even know what to say about that). However, as any social networking site, it has have positive feedback from people who have found the love of their lives on the site. On Valentine's Day they come up on the site to post their love story so people can read them. Which is good because they are spreading hope on the site for VF members who have problems finding "true love." However, it doesn't change the fact that like myspace,facebook, or any of those socializing networks; it can harm people if they don't take care of themselves and be wary of who they talk to. If you are a minor and you are reading this:  Danger never has a specific face, it always wear a mask. So if you don't want to die or be raped, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO! Because you never know if that person is the next Hannibal Lector.