Thursday, July 29, 2010

Online Window Shopping?

Talking about style I was cruising through some rocking clothing sites for girls who just aren't that pastel girly, and I have discovered looking at Hot Topic and AYP, Too Fast Apparel is starting to pop up on the must-have item list. "Too Fast Apparel is a manufacturer of punk clothing and tattoo clothing," according to their website It's another good site to buy from when Hot Topic isn't enough or it's just too much. Right now, even Hot Topic is selling their merchandise. So, who knows they might end up being the next best thing.

BTW, if you don't know, AYP stands for which any of you alternative styling people would like to check out. The site sells bags, beautiful hair accessories,lighters,chokers,shoes,skirts,leggings and tights,etc. Plus, if you're shopping for your alternative styling boyfriend or you are an alternative styling guy, you can go look on the list and peruse in the guy section. Believe it or not they sell kilts! Yes you did not read wrong. I recommend highly, girlfriend, as Lafayette would say (True Blood lingo). You can make an account and start on your wishlist for the holidays. And what's even great about the site is that when you buy items there, you get AYP points which can be changed into money to buy more stuff without having to pay extra pocket. However, the AYP points you get there are only for AYP and not anywhere else. Really, I truly recommend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flower Trips. (Hippy Not Invited)

It doesn't matter if they're painted black, purple, or an unusual pattern, flowers always look great on the side of a girl's face. Real or Fake, they have become quite a trend, especially, in the psychobilly styling world. As it is, it's becoming a regular thing for any alternative-styling girl to wear. Usually looks nice when wearing something out on a date or out at a concert. They don't usually cost more than 10 dollars if you really don't care price wise. However, don't forget to inspect the merchandise for possible immediate deterioration or cheap crazy glue, so you don't get less bang for your buck.;)

Miss Glamourai..... Don't!

I am checking out the scene of some of forever21's vintage look to see what I can find on the whole lace ordeal and I find a horror to my demise: Miss Glamourai... sigh.. I don't know what to say about that except that the whole outfit she had on was a horror to look at from the perspective of an alternative-styling girl. It's strange how fashion stores have decided that the new "hot" look is to wear all sorts of textiles that don't exactly compliment each other. If any of you agree please, go ahead, dare to see it before your eyes:

In a certain aspect her hair is rocking.... Sort of reminds me of that Garbage video, "Androgyny" with Shirley Manson all in that rocking haircut. And the shoes, it can use a twist. But really the feather on the skirt? The pathetic excuse of a picnic blanket you call a cashmere sweater? It's rather sad. However, the line (Twelve by Twelve)she's wearing has a higher probability to satisfy the lace needs for any alternative styling girl.
(And when I mean alternative-styling, I don't mean "Mod-Chics." I mean the real-tough alternative-styling girls).
In real honesty, nowadays in the crisis the U.S. is in, not many people or rather alternative-styling peoples, can actually afford to blow off 200 bucks at Hot Topic for two shirts, one pair of pants, and a bracelet. Lets face it folks we gotta grab what we can find even if it means going to, (HORROR!), "up-to-date-on-the-latest- fashions" stores. Girlies and of course gentlemen, (if you're reading)

I do recommend going to forever 21 to shop for fancy-dandy clothes that can be similar to what you regularly buy like i.e. lace tops, leopard print cashmere sweaters, ruffle tops (for those dark mysterious outfits), and etc. Don't lose hope! I will help you on your quest for affordable alternative styling clothing. I'm here and I'm on the prowl.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Platforms On Set Take 1

It's always good to wear a good quality pair of platform shoes to give that fancy-but-still-casual-look, the final touch. Especially, Mary Janes. A human name for a good shoe. The first Mary Jane to actually be known was in 1902 in a cartoon called Buster Brown

and then eventually it became an actual shoe first sold by Brown Shoe Company. Now, it's a classic style that is commonly used and moderately altered to serve the purposes for those who are alternatively styled. One of the well known companies that use Mary Janes classic style is Doc Martens:

however, sometimes you can find different types of Mary Janes. For example: I found this baby at believe it or not: Marshalls, at a clearance sale in August 2009 for 15 bucks. Mary Janes doesn't have to be necessarily the exact replica of the original design. It can be a style you choose to wear on a fancy evening with a hot fancy outfit (involving lace ;P).

though of course, you have to be trained in certain situations if you are a heels virgin because sometimes shoes can kill Now that, my dears, will be another lesson for another time. Ciao and Rock on!UMM9AYX53R7B

Sunday, July 11, 2010 continue! Fishnet is a go-go

Don't you just love fishnets. I mean come on yes they have the reputation of making any girl look slutty and a bit promiscuous but worn the right way you can make it a fashion go instead of a fashion don't. I mean clearly this girl is ready to travel. She's on the go. And the fishnets just go so right with her leopard print skirt.

Especially in the roller derby culture you can't miss out on those fishnets. Sometimes they are a must.


Thanks for hopping and bopping by here. I'm Miss BoBo and I am already hacking my brain to find what to put on my first post on this blog. There is so much brimming in me. I am currently listening to Sixpence None The Richer, a girly band,(I know) but hey the lead singer looks cute in her outfits and short hair. I will be posting regularly on this blog about the do's and don'ts' for the alternative styling person (not only girls). And what is an alternative-styling person, you may ask? An alternative styling person is a person that chooses to dress in a different unique way from the typical "up-to-date" fashion stores. That person can be someone who likes piercings, tattoos, crazy art, psychobilly music, punk, rock, or just loves dressing dark and different. Not everyone dresses the same and this blog is for those who can't find a store besides Hot Topic to shop for just the right outfit. Hope you enjoy :)