Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Afropunk Fest!

Das Racist! (courtesy of my phone)
 Hi fellow Rockinglicious readers, it's been a long time since I have written and let me just say things are happening again. This past Saturday and onward has been hectic with school, work and all sorts of things. However, I still look forward to writing stuff for you guys.

The reason why I say Saturday in the beginning is because this past weekend was the Afropunk festival. I myself didn't even know at the time until later on in the afternoon when a friend texted me "yo, come down to the Afropunk festival" (!!!). Once I got out of work, I set myself on the mission to primp, polish, and prepare because I was not going to let it slip out of my fingers. Once I headed out the door I was determined. I ran through some mishaps but eventually I got there and found the stage in which Das Racist was going to play.

Now, I never mentioned them, but now I will explain: Das Rascist is this epic (in my opinion) rap group that started out in Brooklyn and are now gaining quite a momentum. Their lyrics usually include references to stuff you learn in college or maybe high school (if your classes are that "high up" in enrichment) and give their own, dare I say, poetic twists. I love the fact that they bring something different than their usual "I smoke that and hit that and ride that and yadayada I am the biggest dog in town" (ok, came out corny so don't count for me to know how to rap). Either way, even if I am a rock girl at heart I still have my few fave rappers and Das Racist is one of them (will be writing a blog post on them soon).

Back to the festival......

The festival didn't end until 11 pm even though they said 9 pm on their flyer. There was a lot of technical difficulties with some of the machinery on stage but no worries it went on. And let me tell you about the awesomeness of this festival: there was a whole skateboarding and bike tricks going on the side that was just awesome. This went on for the whole day. In-cre-di-ble.

Not only that, while Das Rascist was playing there was a whole moshpit I had to take part. HAD TO. It was awesome. People crowd surfing and pushing and dancing. Eventually with all the moshing I got close enough to the stage. I did lose my glasses at some point with all the moshing. I gave up on that once I realized that it was 1.too dark to find them 2. there were people walking around making it harder to find and 3. Erykah Badu was on the green stage and I couldn't miss it. SO ....I headed across to the green stage without glasses (oh well). Took a while for her to come up and sing but it was worth it. At the end it was Miss Janelle Monae, but for personal reasons I ditch that and headed home. It was the best night ever! Oh and I hope you noticed: I never mentioned paying a ticket stub because yes, IT WAS FREE! So......

Lesson of the story is: if you are in NYC area;

Til Next Blog post,
Miss Bobo

(Note: if you want to check out more pictures on this festival click on this link.)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank You!!!

a famous goth Russia couple
Just to put a heads up: the stats are coming in and seems like I am gaining some momentum in Russia. I am actually glad people all over the world are at least peeking into this blog (if that even makes sense..lol). Thank you everyone for those of you who are still following this blog or even bookmarking it on your internet bookmarks.

I love to write for the people whether is providing some advice or recommending some shops or even ranting about some event and/ random society issue. I like sharing that with you. So thank you everyone for tuning in. Hope you stay longer for more of what I can offer.

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Forever 21 is back!

picture courtesy from Forever21.com
Can't believe summer is almost over and already I see leaves on the ground at certain NYC areas. Kid you not. I actually look forward to the fall because of all the awesome crazy outfits people put together. I know this sounds ultra fashionista: but yes I definitely dig layer coordination.

Just recently I have been preparing myself for the fall by shopping new clothes. Working and going to school needs some gear (*gets all serious*)........

OK, OK I really like getting new clothes for school and such. Any whoo, I found myself both at Rainbows and Forever 21 and I found myself more dazzled by the Forever 21 at Union Square (Manhattan, NY for those who are not in the NYC area).

picture courtesy from Forever21.com

It was a throwback circa 2011 with the random lace I found here and there. And I am not going to lie to you I did buy a few things from there. I got a plain black comfortable skirt for $9.80 and a bunch of other stuff that will be posted on Rockinglicious tumblr. The skirt you see here above was actually one of the items I really wanted to buy along with the shirt you see on your left. I like to have the best of both worlds even if it means going in the guys' section. But both were not on my budget so I had to choose. There are some awesome finds there for 10 bucks or less for the gals. So don't hesitate to check it out, you might just find something along your budget and within your style. As for the guys, the items were a bit too expensive. Next season they should widen the section more.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Working Outfit (Guys) [Screw the Heat Part 2.]

courtesy from kyle-x.tumblr.com
Sorry to be MIA again been busy with work and brainstorming ideas for this blog. (BTW: thank you so much for continuing to follow my blog and sticking with it. keep rocking!)

So, I was able to find some good finds for guys. This outfit right here is plain but hey, you can show that alternative-styling spunk with accessories. Sometimes, places where you work at might not be cool with graphic shirts (a bit sucky though). So why not put on a light black blazer with some rolled up sleeves, crisp pair of jeans (make sure to iron!!!) a white shirt, and a pair of black vans or converses.

It's hot so you might want to splash up some color so you don't cook under the sun while being on the go. And if you know you gotta keep it conservative you can always get a small one-row studded bracelet or maybe even a nice bracelet like the one you see on the left.

Believe it or not I found this baby at Hot Topic's online website along with other great bracelets for less than 10 bucks. It's not bad and it will last you longer than 2 months. I found more than the usual great 3, so please don't hesitate just because some hipsters got caught on to Hot Topic. It still has some great finds, and no one has to know, right? (*wink wink*)

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo