Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the Loose and With a Pipe

Finals are now over and I am excited to be able to share more adventures, musical notes, random tattoos and outfits with you, my fellow followers. Unfortunately, my posts won't  be as consistent as they were before school started...So on that note: lets roll with the movie review I have been wanting to post...
on the loose & with Holmes' pipe
This past weekend I was able to go with some friends to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
I did see the first one when it came out so when the beginning credits rolled there was hope that it would be at least equivalently exquisite as the first one. Man, was there a surprise.
This movie continues where the first one left off: Lord Blackwood is captured and all of a sudden unrelated murders start to occur in Europe. Sherlock Holmes, (Robert Downey Jr.), investigates this and concurs that there is someone behind these murders. Of course, Mr. Watson, (Jude Law), ends up joining him in the investigation despite wanting to start his new life as a husband and potential father. As the movie continues, things get intense when Holmes ends up figuring out that the mastermind behind the murders is just as skillfully smart as he is. 

Although this movie is action, adventure, and crime, it is also a movie that deals with the psychological. The way in which Holmes is able to figure out who this mastermind, Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), is and how he works is magnificent. The scene where he meets with the professor and the whole conversation instigates an official move of metaphorical chess moves. I am not going to say anything in specific more about the scenes so as not to be accused of spoiling (lol).

yep, things are about to happen
But if you watched the first one and liked it, you would definitely love the sequel. There is more exploration with special effects and some theatrics that accessorize the movie instead of dominating it. However, if you are seeking romance and a naked Robert Downey Jr. you will be a bit disappointed because that won't be happening as much as it did in the first one. Nevertheless, you will be laughing with the theatrics and comical humor of Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock Holmes that you won't find in the original books. I give this movie a 4 thumbs up and an urgent recommendation to watch it.

Til next one,
Miss Bobo
Watson says "what?!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boohoo and Crazy Myth Daffodils

Well, no one submitted a Halloween story and I just didn't get online because of schoolwork and drama. My apologies. I will see to giving a heads up before I disappear into thin air. Now in other news....I have been musically addicted to a "tricky pixie" who is currently an underground artist. Her name is S.J. Tucker and she is as her facebook page says, "a constant musical journeywoman" on the road since 2004.
Her songs reaches into the depths of Celtic rock and sits in the dwellings of myth punk. Especially for those of you out there who love the mystical aspects of the realm of the Fantasy world you will love her music.
And not only does she do most of her own music, she also does spoken word and artwork. How awesome is that!

If  you are highly interested in her music you can click on her highlighted name above and can buy the tracks she has for a dollar. YES A DOLLAR! If you want to find out even more about her you can check her page on facebook:
or her blog:

Til Next Blog Post,
Miss Bobo

P.S. I most likely will not have a blog post up tomorrow so Merry Thanksgiving Day everybody! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Coming! It's Coming! (music and some news)

It's October and guess what that means: HALLOWEEN IS COMING! ITS COMING! Although, it is my favorite month it has been quite hectic. Despite it all I am expecting to cook up an awesome Halloween blog post in my handy dandy cauldron. If you have any stories to share; funny or rather ho-ho-horrifying send them to
As for other news: a blast from the past decade, I have come to introduce you a work of the fantastic macabre straight from the crypts of Los Angeles, California: a band of the name Creature Feature. Founded with band members Curtis Rx and Erik X,  CF creates the realm in which Hallows Eve is every day by using catchy synth rhythms, wicked guitar licks, voice recordings and creepy horror themed lyrics. Listening to their song "Aimed for the Head" I am already hooked line and sinker. Hopefully, like me, you would be hypnotized and enjoying it when listening to their music. Beware! or shall I say MWUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the Music Box

dead Union Sq.
This fall so far proves to be one eventful season with tours, concerts, and Halloween to spread some music and fun stuff (with stars on the side). And to prove such theory: yesterday I had a fun day out at Union Square: with a new friend to hang with and awesome treasures bought in book form at the Strand. While doing some girrrl talk in a sudden happenstance of a surprise, I met a handsome young man by the musical name of Danny Madison who invited me and my friend to listen to his music.
With a voice that can cross the surface of soft indie, rough punk, and a dash of rap; Madison does a great job in dipping in the indie realm with a professional but fun sound that makes you think why isn't this sold in CD stores instead? You read correct, Madison's CD titled "Danny Madison" isn't sold yet in music stores but you can find him selling it on the NYC tri-state area for less than $10. So far, Madison has sold over 10 THOUSAND [and hopefully will be reaching more than a million].
If you are really diggin' his sound like I do, you are invited to click on his name above or search his music on iTunes. You might just buy some tracks or the whole album.

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tattoo Parking Stop! (an artsy-fartsy post)

one of Quinn's finished masterpieces
Hello all, and apologize for my overall random M.I.A status yet again. I may or may not have stated this before; but classes have long started so many things need and have been done with the purpose of school while I have and continue to also mingle and roam around places. Regardless, I apologize but as I always say: on with the show.
One of the great blogs I have continued to follow was put under hiatus for some technological reasons and in its place there is a twitter account. I am sooooo referring to the awesome twitter link on this blog's sidebar containing the workings of a one very talented Tara Quinn, a tattoo artist, who has quite a groove going. Often there is a quality to her drawings that in a sense remind me of lowbrow art with the splash of colorful surrealism. I strongly suggest to follow her twitter account if you are into surrealist tattoos. She mixes cuteness with brash and often explicit themes. Sooo pleaaaaaase don't hesitate to click on her name above, you will be directed shortly to her tumblr.

Til' Next blog post,
Miss Bobo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Four Down.... Five is Next

*drum roll* The post you have been waiting for: the True Blood fan rant. Season 4 has ended a few Sundays ago and there is still a buzzing a brewin' of all that has happened. As past seasons have gone by, this season wasn't any less gory or rather bloody, than the previous one. Characters were killed off that sadly might be missed by their fans. And oh no: the possibility that the now ex-vampire King Russell Edington has come back from his cement grave? I am still at a shock from the LAST EPISODE, I literally banged my fists on the table multiple times while watching the season finale at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. (!!!!) So far from what I can relay:
Jessica as usual is going through her baby vampire/teen moment; Marni, the witch, finally did the walk off, Jason is being his wild sexy self; Alcide is doing the hurt puppy move; Sam is dealing with love and another death yet again;; Lafayette survives yet another massive group of tragedies and trauma;Pam has an emotional  break down; Bill and Eric become frenemies; Andy Bellefleur is having a freaky deaky night; poor Tara and Jesus, and last but not least Sookie Stackhouse is well, bloody Sookie Stackhouse [except she isn't kidnapped this time]. Yeah...I would say this season has been more of a spark to how it used to be in Season 2: unpredictable. More characters have been added and many have been crossed off this season. Not particularly proud for how a few things were put upon especially with Jessica's, Jason's, and a few other characters' development. However, hopefully the SEASON FIVE that will be coming up summer of 2012, there will be more to play with and chew. I did a bit of research anyway, so if you are looking to find out a little teensy weensy bit of a preview on what is to come, you can check it out here.

Til Next Blog post folks,
Miss Bobo

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Live Adventure Time (woops not the show)

*pops in like a weasel* POPPING LIKE A WEASEL HERE!  Glad to see you guys yet again for another blog post! I am here dealing with some school stuff, music, friends, some MClovin groovy lovin! (W00T!) and awesomeness here and there. So I apologize for the irregularity of my blogposts here and in my other blogs. Regardless, I am here out and about! ;D I went to another concert this past Sunday that was OFF THE CHAAAANG! (sorry for the tadbit of slang) I am already pumped talking about. I know its a bit off putting to be partying while an awful thing happened more than a decade ago but I figured the dead don't need no more crying they need to be remembered in a happy way.
a guy literally crowd surfing!

As you can see, in the background there is a miniature replica of the twin towers in commemoration of Sept 11. SOOO don't fret amigos, it was one helluva of a commemoration. This time instead of alternative psychedelic music playing it was straight-up homemade punk (as in intense guitar, shouting/singing, crazy drum rhythm, and the overall beat to mosh to PLUS the moshpit itself). So much was going on, it was RA-di-CAL. The venue itself was the type many gamers would get into especially with the original homemade arcade games available for those who want to play.

There is one arcade game where there is a mat with letters in style of DDR and people were stepping on combos to get this random guy on a screen to climb up to his destination. I was amazed. As the concert progressed things just got more interesting. The first band was these two guys playing gamer sounds on a machine while having some sort of poem in Space Invader style on a small screen. I was amazed by how much I didn't know discovering this new scene. Of course, there was a 5-10 minute break to recover from while the [Beach Boys] played in the background, allowing for people to mingle as the next band got their instruments ready. The next band got on which was mostly an instrumental band incorporating crazy violin sounds that sounded like an opera star singing along with some wicked bass lines. You think, that sounded just intoxicatingly radical? Well, there is M.O.R.E!
everyone gathering around for the last band
Next, was this all girl band that was just amped with soft vocal tones and a punky riot grrrl combo of guitar, bass, and drums. The vocalist hair was blowing in the face of a fan making it just (pardon my french) FUCKING AWE-SOME! I was enjoying this surge like no other, along with my handy dandy companion that night (don't ask lol). I thought to myself, "wow things can't get any better"....... until they did. The last band got up and everyone gathered around. The drummer looked like he had a gas mask on his face while the vocalist rocked his long fro like no other! Sadly I wasn't close enough to catch the glory of the bassist and the composite as a whole, but I do remember the experience of them playing. It was the climax itself ending a long winding down of a yellow brick road with patches and reminiscent cracks of what punk was back in the 90's, 80's and the 70's put all together in a cauldron. (YES IT WAS WORTH ALL THOSE METAPHORS!). It was ridiculous. Not only was the music awesome, the events around the band were just ridiculously shocking [well to me anyway]. As you can see from the photo, a guy decided to take it upon himself on bringing a short board for SURFING so he can LITERALLY [and I mean LITERALLY] crowd surf.
Yeah..the guy didn't even fall. (Things just got intense up in HERE!)The drummer unfortunately didn't get on the board but he did play his drums while being held up by the crowd. Sooooooo, point of this story is: if you are in NYC check out this hotspot on facebook for some underground music ACTIOOOON! Hope you dig it!

Til Next Blog Post,
Miss Bobo

P.S. I haven't forgotten about True Blood. YEEEAAAAH expect a review in a short amount of time. In the meantime eat this blog post with your bare FEET! lol.. Just joshing ya! I apologize for not having the band names but I will investigate more on this such horrifyingly AWE-SOME! (get it awe-SOME!) occurrence. now seriously...til next blog post folks!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Concert Moment! OH NO!

I don't even know how to start this, but..I am sorry for NOT BEING HERE ALL THE TIME GIVING YOU THOSE ROCKIN' BLOGPOSTS! (LOL). So anyways...I have been busy for the past few days since I went to see Nova and some other bands two nights ago at Yippie Museum Cafe and literally spent the whole night and day afterward awake and wandering the streets with a group of friends. It's crazy to see how Manhattan looks like in transformation from night to dawn and dawn to plain daylight. Nevertheless, I must continue to tell you how the concert went.
     With bands like Nova, this concert wasn't the one to have a metal band or popular screamo stuff that if you stand close enough it would really damage your hearing for the next 5 days. I stood nearby the sound equipment and I still lost a bit of my hearing the next day. Nevertheless, the music these bands had were more like a reminder to psychadelics and artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd who were more focused on instrumental melodies than just patterns and catchy poppy tunes. So please,if you are around Manhattan check out the Yippie Museum because there is a possibility you will find something.

P.S. check Nova's facebook

Til next blog post folks,
Miss Bobo

Get Gigs

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blood Gone Rogue

After Hurricane Irene, things have been quite busy over here in Fort Bobo (sounds so weird). Anyhow, with school approaching I might be a bit off with the blog posts but nevertheless I will continue to bring rockin' news and whatnot.
things just got more black...uh I mean dangerous
And on that note on with the blogposts! : I know I am late on this but if any of you had watched the latest episode of True Blood, there is so much to be speculated of: Eric is back, vampire politics are at a standstill, Sookie has quite a cat in a bag, blood never stops to become a mess, and the witch as usual is getting all the attention.  Although the show is keeping up some of the basics from the original Sookie Stackhouse series, True Blood has veered into different paths that are unforeseen in the books.I actually think its creative where its going.  It has amazed me how many shocking twists there are here; I can only wonder if I am going to stop being amazed at some point and not be amazed anymore. There are only 2 episodes left before this season ends, so I am patient enough to wait for whats to come. I am not having any expectations at all since I am sure its just going to get more weird, dramatic, magical, and lets not forget BLOOD-Y. (don't be afraid to comment your thoughts on this..its much to be discussed among fans)

P.S. what was up with that ending? 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Source for the Alternative Rock News!

So you wanna get the deal-i-o on whats going on in the alternative rock world? There is no channel for it and the show that does is well coming back on some other time.. Don't worry ol' friend, you can have your alternative rock news on the go with RockNRollTV podcast. The link is the official website to it but you can check that fun stuff out on ITunes and subscribe with your ITunes account for FREE! yes for  FREE! Hosted by this awesome once-musician, Share Ross, Ross shares the Rock N Roll news with her awesome humor and spunky attitude. You will be surprised as to what you will find out. And what is even more awesome about this podcast is that they give you coupon codes for online websites such as Angie's list, Eastbay, Zazzle, and other such websites. CHECK THAT PODCAST OUT! W00T!

what a looker right! taken from her website
Note: if you want to check Share Ross out and her impressive work, you can on her website:
or find her on facebook. 

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo


From a wonderful human being, iZaynab, who is celebrating today her 1st blog-o-versary, gave us all this awesome artsy blog award (THANK YOU SO MUCH ME LOVES YOU AND YOUR BLOG MUCHOOO). You can check out her blog, iLowlife, from one of my recommended blog lists. Its so pretty and artsy, so you'll enjoy stopping by. So as the blog rules state, I must obliged:

iDig Your Blog Award Regulations

1 ) Gratefully accept this award ~
2 ) Link the wonderful person you received it from.
3 ) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4 ) Pass this award around to, at-least, 5 blogs you dig.
* ) Notify them.

1. I humbly accept this award in total gratitude.
2. iZaynab (linked on again just in case)
3. Three interesting facts: My first concert was when I was 16 where I complimented Lady Gaga in person for her amazing entrance performance. Second, I once went to a haunted Christian sanctuary. Third, I make bookmarks out of my drawings.
4. I am honored to pass this award to:
BGdude for writing about zombies and how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. 
The Blogger Formerly Known As: for writing and exposing her followers to awesome adventures.
The Writing Junkie: sharing his stories and his ambitious. He too celebrated a blog-o-versary a few days ago.
Emma for having an awesome dark blog and sharing all her dark glory 
and last but not least
Rex  for posting beautiful pictures, she has a talent!

Til Next blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Door Into A Creepy Hall Of Mirrors

one of the covers for a Hall of Mirrors episode
Remember when I was gushing over Divine Madness? I mentioned a certain podcast called The Hall of Mirrors; Tales of the Grotesque with Mike Bennett. Well if you are looking to grab onto some horror stories that not only will amuse you but also creep you out and start to get under your skin and an excellent accent; you can find that with this podcast. The stories are written and told by Mike Bennett a published writer from London, who has proven to be an excellent voice over actor. The guy can make a voice of an old man, a woman, a demon, and even the Devil (watch out if you are online, Satan, I think you have met someone who can meet your offense). Mike Bennett can almost do anything (ALMOST!). Not only can he do different voices but he also broadcasts awesome bands such as Divine Madness on his podcasts. So if you dig this podcast, make sure to check his other podcasts on his website as linked above.

Til next blogpost,
Miss Bobo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Time for Some Music (An Underground Band)

I love music so much that lately I have been catching up on different sounds. One right now that has been consistently haunting me (in a good way) is a band named Divine Madness. With a prevalent classic touch, a dash of some rock, and some techno sounds here and there, this band gives you somewhat of its own gothic type of music. You wouldn't be wrong to say it reminds you of Evanescence but don't trip on that because in "Gentle" they prove they are unique. Especially with the lead singer's [Victoria Mazze] rich voice. Once you check out their page (you can click on their name above) you will definitely dig their sound once you check out their influences. For now they are on the underground surface but being on podcasts such as Hall of Mirrors: Tales of the Grotesque (which you can check out on ITunes) and some concerts, they will be able to gain some momentum. If you are on the look-out for a new goth sound I recommend this band.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Vamps are A bit Just Like Us

Jessica Hamby at her beginning
I am a huge fan of True Blood as you can tell, because not only of its supernatural creatures and drama-mama but also because of the fact that it exposes certain things in our society. I find myself still identifying with some of the characters. But one that I find so endearing and more human than anything is Jessica Hamby, Bill Compton's vampire "child" who is played by gorgeous Deborah Ann Woll.
Look at her now!
 Jessica is still struggling not only with being a supernatural creature but with trying to get back on what she would have still done in her human life. She is dealing with being "special" but also with love (that we all at some point or another have dealt with.). Despite the fact that she might think she isn't human she still has some humanity to her; she still acts like a teenager. Right now she has a blog called Not the actress, but rather Jessica the character, has a blog. It's cool because you can follow her character development while following the show. 

Thank You's & Some Shout Outs

rockin' hair Paradise Kiss style!
39 followers and so far I am happy with the work I have done. I want to thank you all my followers for following my blog. I know I am not big in the blogosphere, so your support is and always will be precious. Thank you Jodie for helping me gain followers and blog traffic,Thank you to all those who wear my blog button high and proud, Thank you for those who have commented in the beginning and who continue to comment now, and thank you for those who are alternative styling persons; you will always inspire me to keep this blog going.
I also want to give a shout out to NLUV for his/her's awesome picture that is now this blog's background (please don't stop being creative!)
For some heads up: I will be posting some reviews and random tattoos soon so please be patient <3

On that note onto the next blogpost!
-Miss Bobo

Saturday, August 13, 2011


my favorite color!
So you want to die your hair an extreme color that not even Garnier or L'Oreal can't even offer. I got nothing much but a suggestion (so pleaaaase sit and pay attention!). Although extreme colors like pink, teal blue, and purple aren't on the permanent hair color offerings; they are on the mini semi-permanent section. But what brand should you get for that intense hair experience?....(I know this is going to sound a bit cheesy) but why not some SPLAT! I am sure some of you have seen it or heard of it. SPLAT is a brand of semi-permanent hair coloring that has used  "extreme" and "rebellious" as part of their motto (although, their website doesn't state since when). I have used their "Blue Envy and have gotten good results. After a month or so, I still am rockin' that "Blue Envy" as you can see. PLUS: they are certified to not test their products on animals (what a savior!). Don't knock it until you try it.

me with my blue hair two nights ago

that was all folks,
Miss Bobo

Friday, August 12, 2011

Still "Taking Over"

After singing and revisiting some Evanescence oldies with my friends Nicky & Kay last night, I decided to go on a quest. And I have found quite some good results. I went on Evanescence's page and found this song playing in the background. With the new tracks so far on their page, Evanescence has proven that they are not "going under" like many other alternative popular bands that came out in the 2000's. The piano continues to be a strong influence in their music and Amy Lee (still looking good WOOT!) doesn't defraud with her voice intact as usual. Can't wait for more catchy rockin' tracks on October, and of course the video for this song! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Etsy Discovery Galore Numero #2

Ghostlove Shop Icon! 
Being on Etsy I am finding some delicious looking shops and some of them find me through my Etsy activity feed. The other day I found an awesome Gothic couture shop called GhostLove Jewelry with wonderful models in hot gothic outfits. The shop is owned and founded by Dawn Rozakis since June 2008. Since then she has sold over 3000 accessories. (Talk about a hit!) Looking through the awesome handmade (!!!) accessories, I had to find out more about this wonderful creator of such marvelous Gothic goodies. Here is an interview, an attempt or rather quest for more more more! Enjoy at your will (*evil laugh cough cough*)..

1. What is your inspiration for making your jewelry?
Wonderful Victorian choker
I derive most of my inspiration from gothic and macabre art, the occult, and history.

2. What do you do when you get "art-blocked"?
I try to browse some of my “muse” blogs or go see an art exhibit if I am really uninspired for some reason.

3. What brought you the idea of selling on etsy?
I was originally a customer on etsy and loved the idea of buying handmade directly from the artist. I decided to open a shop when I started my jewelry line as a way to “test” my designs out in the marketplace before I launched

4. When you are not making new accessories and selling them on etsy, you are....?
Well, I am shamefully addicted to tumblr, so you can usually find me there wasting time. Otherwise I am working on stories or music.

5. Any tattoos to be proud of?
Nope. No tattoos on my body. I used to have nipples rings by I took them out recently.

an accessory of the Pirate collection
6. favorite mythical creature?
I love the idea of a babel fish, although that is not technically mythical.

7. combat boots or a corset?
Definitely combat boots lately…but I have been known to rock a ribcage corset from Louise Black.

8. Favorite bands/ books?
Lately I’ve been really into Austra, Zoe Keating, and Cults but my favorite band is New Model Army.
Don’t have a favorite book, but I just read J-Pod and it was awesome.

9. What's a tip you would give to a potential etsy seller?
Keep in mind that there are now millions of etsy shops, all competing for eyes. Make sure your product has a good description, great photos and competitive pricing.

10. What is something daring you would want to do?
I would like to go backpacking across Asia with my beau.

11. Anarchy or rebellion?
Definitely rebellion. There is always a massive concentration of human energy lurking just below the surface of everyday life that has the power to change the world. Sometimes I can actually feel it and it sort of wakes me up inside.

If you dig Dawn Rozakis and her marvelous macabre-Gothic-couture-Lolita creations check her out on:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Etsy Shop Alert! Interview with an Etsy Seller

an acrylic painting done by Amanda
Being the hermit that I am sometimes in the summer, I have been surfing the net and windowshopping on Etsy. I have found some shops that have matched my interest and was able to land a couple of interviews with two excellent Etsy sellers. One of them is a fabulous 23 year old girl named Amanda Pereira from Toronto, Canada.I decided why not ask her 13 random questions. And luckily, I did. Here is the interview with her.Hope all of you enjoy it. 

1. What got you started on selling on Etsy? 
 Truthfully, I started selling on Etsy because a few friends suggested it. They thought I’d enjoy it, supported my artwork, and encouraged me. It was a good idea. I love Etsy, and I’ve met a lot of great buyers and sellers there. I’ve come across so many shops filled with lovely wonders from amazingly talented people, which in itself is great inspiration.

2. Was there any trouble or questions in the beginning process of selling?
I didn’t have much trouble - Etsy is a lot easier to use than Ebay in my opinion, and [I] think anyone can get the hang of it pretty quickly if they take a quick tour and navigate around the site. It has a Help section on the website where you can email them for support, or live chat with someone. Your items stay listed for months and can be favourited by other users, so it helps get your name and products out there; I prefer it to any other site I’ve listed on thus far.

3.What's your inspiration when you make your bookmarks and art prints?

Amanda Pereira the artist
The smell of burning wood or the feel of grass on bare feet can inspire a painting or an art piece in the same way that a breakup or a death could for me. It’s all in how you perceive it and what it brings out of you; what it makes you feel, think of, remember... that’s the good thing about inspiration, there is an abundance of it, even if we have to wait for it to become obvious sometimes.

4.What do you do when you get "art blocked"?
It's not so much what I do, but what I don’t do - I don’t force it.  I wait until it hits me again, and then go from there, where ever it takes me. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes a day, sometimes three months. Art for me is fueled by strong emotion, and sometimes you’re not ready to bring it forward. It has to come naturally, though, because I can't create anything without putting part of myself in it, and that is something that can't be fabricated. Art has to be genuine. [And] I think it shows when someone has created for the sake of having a finished product, rather than creating because they ‘need’ to. 

5.When you are not drawing or selling on Etsy, what are you doing?
Reading books, reading the newspaper, reading emails; journaling, writing letters, writing poems, writing nonsense; bugging my boyfriend and spacing out to his beautiful music, hanging out with my momma, hanging out with my cats, hanging out with myself; making soap, making lists, making a mess; tending to my garden, brainstorming ideas for things I want to make, healing, thinking way too much... and Sims? Don’t even get me started. I’m a geek, basically.

6.Talking about books, what are your favorite books?
Oh, man... I‘m such a book nerd. I hold so many close to my heart, but my all-time favourite book[s] have always been Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, followed closely by the Crank series [or absolutely anything, really!] by Ellen Hopkins. The level of admiration I have for what she is able to do with words is endless, and she is by far my favourite author; the one who inspired me to keep writing when I thought I lost that, years ago.

7. Favorite horror movie?
another wonderful creation by Amanda
I love horror movies, so that’s hard to answer. I’ve always been partial to Stigmata, though. I fucking love that movie, to put it not so elegantly.

8. Any tattoos?
 I currently have 13 tattoos:  I have a painting I’d completed for my soulmate tattooed on my arm, a flat-line turned heart monitor with the number of my hospital room which I stayed in after an intense situation, 6 inkblot butterflies and three ink splats, ‘live through this’, and ‘doll parts’ – 11 of them were done by myself... but lucky for me in the future, my brother is going to be a tattoo artist! ;D

9. Most embarrassing moment?
Oh jeeze, that’s a loaded question! I’m one of the clumsiest, most awkwardly anxious people you’d ever meet, and that alone leaves me with an abundance of horribly embarrassing moments. I walk into walls and trip over my own feet on a daily basis, when I’m not scrambling my words or speaking before thinking in general. It’s hard to say... I embarrass myself quite frequently.

10.Vampire or Werewolf?
Vampire, always! I kind of have a soft spot for them; not just on my neck, [or] in the general vicinity of my jugular, either. I watched ‘Interview with the Vampire’ when I was six years old, and instantly fell in love with the essence that is the romanticised powerful immortal, capable of taking or giving eternal life.

11. Edward Scissorhands or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Edward! Two words – the hair. Enough said.
one of Amanda's prints

12. What fabric print could best define your personality?
My personality can be somewhat erratic at times... part of me says animal print but that’s too generic. Part of me says kittens wearing stilettos, fag deep in cupcakes... but that’s a bit manic. Part of me says raw silk with ribbon accents, but that’s slightly tame. I’m going to go with a solid colour yeti-esque furry fabric, for no other reason than I can contently say that feels more ‘me’. A bit loud [and] kind of curious...

13. And last but not least: what advice can you give to people who want to sell on Etsy but are being skeptical on their decision?

Do it – because the worst that can happen is... well, quite literally, nothing. If you don’t attempt to get your name out there and sell on Etsy, you can’t say, ‘At least I tried!’ Give it a go; chances are many people will come across your shop who will absolutely love what you have to offer. If nothing else, it allows you the freedom to offer your talents and passion to a wider audience from the comfort of your bedroom, living room, backyard, etc. It’s kind of awesome in that way.

if you like to see more of Amanda's Etsy shop, February Flowers, you may check it out at

 or you can check her other websites if you like:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Something to Definitely Spin To (Band discovery)

Dramatic guitar chords, hypnotic drum beats, and a voice that will remind you of bands like Modest Mouse and maybe even Queens of the Stone Age; this band has something to offer. However, don't be fooled, The Growlers have their own spazzy spicy sound to add to the cauldron.
The Growlers
I came upon this band listening to the Indie Feed Alternative Podcast, in which songs from "new" bands are posted. The minute I heard their almost Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) sound in their song "Graveyard's Full" I was hypnotized and lured by their haunting but still yet groovy beat (yes, I used GROOVY!).  I had to check them out on youtube and yes, definitely stalk their page. 
They did not disappoint me at all. The members are hot! Especially the lead singer. Composed of Brooks Nielson (vocals), Matt Taylor (lead guitar, vocals), Brian Stewart (drums and vocals), and Scott Montoya (bass guitar, vocals); The Growlers started in 2006 in a somewhat funny story. According to the Indie Feed Alternative Podcast, they started out hanging out, drunk, and with a few instruments about them. There they all decided to team up and make this awesome hypnotic dancing beat of a band. Of course, since they aren't really big, some of their videos are a bit of the homemade status. Nevertheless, the sound is priceless. Check. Them. Out!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Etsy Underground

Varying from art prints to handmade bags, Etsy has become the medium to find underground handmade gifts and meet new people. Recently, I joined to find out what was the big hub-bub and other potential personal reasons; and so far I have found so many things I would want to buy. Whomever joins this website can also join etsyteams in which other people can chill, talk, and do all sorts of stuff (i.e etsy's newbie team). Of course, each team will have their own theme and/or thing going on. Nevertheless, Etsy has been a popular place for all vintage dwellers, trendsetters, designers, and handcrafting fashionistas to show, strut, and share their stuff. If you are looking for something vintage or rather a handmade product don't be shy and stop by Etsy's different shops. Its 90% guaranteed you will find something. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Random Tattoo of Today

I am still on the look out for a hands on one-on-one meeting with a rockin' tattoo but for now you are stuck with this until further notice.
I really had to laugh because this is just plain ridicule of christian principles. This isn't really original and I did not know Hello Kitty could turn all holy man if you know what I mean. Although, I love her, whomever did this was horrible into thinking out of all the looks out in the world, Hello Kitty can end up wearing Jesus Christ as an outfit. Its rather unoriginal. Should have been a pacman instead or something else right? While I won't be looking for the perpetrator who inked it in, I will be getting some interviews in with a new poll. Til next time folks,

Miss Bobo

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warning you Are Entering the BAND Zone!

Tall Ships, a British band composed of three handsome guys, Jamie, Ric, and Matt; are out and about with their single, Plate Tectonics. Last month they played with We are Scientists and are going to record a new album to be released in 2012. Not much is really heard of them here since their popularity is still growing in the UK. But their catchy chords and powerpop beats are sure to catch your attention especially when the music video has an indie feel of a moving photograph. You can check their music on the above link, search their videos on youtube, or check out their funny conversational blog.
Here is another other song from them

The Radio Still Rocks On...(All About a Podcast)

Haunting noises of what anyone can assume to be the wind blowing, the howling of wolves, and the voice of a creepy man laughing is heard from speakers connected to a computer. These things might be the stereotypical characteristics of an old horror movie but in reality its actually the opening of The Horror! (Old Time Horror), an audio podcast aired since 2007 from the company Relic Radio. Ranging from ghosts to strange coinciding events, Old Time Horror delivers stories straight from the now vintage past. Although, they won't exactly freak you out of your seat, it will take your interest or rather amuse you for the hour.So for all you vintage lovers out there, check this one out.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rockin' Odd Tattoo of the Day and Small News

Kat Von D sporting nice blue hair and hot outfit
Odd tattoo of the day
Lately I have been not only on focusing on changing my hair color which is now weird blue but I have been thinking a lot about tattoos. They have been common off an on throughout the evolution of mankind. Although, some tend to exaggerate and do whole body tattoos they are really popular today in the celebrity world. Angelina Jolie, P!nk, Johnny Depp, and dare I say Rihanna are all celebrities who have gotten tattoos and walked the carpet with them on visible or invisible to the naked eye. One of them became famous not only for her now still spankin' line of cosmetics but for her tats she herself makes: Kat Von D. I love this girl for not only being an artist at what she does but also for representing her nationality and not being afraid to say "hey I am different". Tattoo artists like her are considered artists for the detail, eccentricity, effort, time, and money used to finish these works of body art. To appraise their magnificent talent, I will be spotting the tattoo of the day and interviewing the one who wears it loud and proud.
don't be afraid to be rebellious, show off that tattoo. ;D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

True Blood Sizzling Season 4: a Spicy New Season

With season 3 of True Blood ending with a Vampire King put to an ironic rest and the main girl disappearing into a dreamland nobody knows where, TB (teehe TB) gave a cliffhanger for hooked watchers to devour and soon enough wither in hunger for a new season. Months have passed with followers anticipating and reading up articles of what is to come. Some speculated that the new season might “suck” because the third season didn’t live up to the standards of the original Sookie Stackhouse novel series written by Charlaine Harris. Now with a new opening episode premiering these past two Sundays, True Blood is not playing games no more.
So far watching the first few episodes, things have gone a whole new twist. Eric Northman as usual has proved to be one smart cookie; Bill Compton has gone eerily weird yet again; Tara is busy having a lifestyle while being with her girlfriend [girlfriend say what?!]; and for once vampires are not the only creatures among the living (yeah not listing the whole entire list of episode spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet, sorry).
 Nope, this season is not playing cards on the table but rather witches and fairies as a new set. Right now I am still just chewing on the ending, the middle, and the beginning of the first episode. IF anything I am looking for more eye openers like this one. from Season 3 Too bad the Vampire king couldn't stay for another season. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LBGT victory and a Foreshadow for What's To Come..(an obvious rant)

I am sorry but as an LGBT supporter and a NYC resident, I had to post something about this! When I saw the news a few days ago that New York finally made its contribution I had to silently scream YES! (I know it sounds impossible but really it isn't). It is about time that love gets its chance. Call me a hippie, call me whatever you will, but love has no boundaries. May anybody throw me in a chamber for supporting human beings to marry. Why should two people who care for each other be denied a chance just because they don't follow the laws of a religion that really has nothing to do with how they feel about each other. It bothers me to think that a state of a country who blazes "Country of the Free" in neon letters does not support something that has to do with the "pursuit of happiness". YEAH I AM QUOTING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE(correction in part of good friend Nick)! The very same document that helped this country become a new nation away from the hands of persecution that at the time came from Britain. Everyone worked together and united to fight for freedom. So why is it after milestones many have fought for (the right to vote, civil rights, a black president, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc), we cannot unite to give the freedom of union to human beings, because yes they are HUMAN BEINGS! The Bible can be quoted til kingdom come but at the end of the day this is free will being jeopardized and its about time free will, which dare I say was GOD'S GIFT, should be put at the hands of religious bigots. We must end bigotry like Martin Luther King once proclaimed in his speech. Don't let ignorance ruin our evolution. We are animals of reason, we can do better than this! Lets hope we can acquire the right for gay marriage and proposition 8 all over the nation. We can do this. Let's not give up

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When In Doubt Trust in the Salvation Army (a journal story)

On a nice Saturday where the sun is high and the birds are singing….that you gotta get out.  For me it was definitely a Saturday city adventure. So I put on my skull shirt, ripped jeans, and gladiator sandals, and hit the pavement for a walk towards the train station. Mission: find the best bargain. Destination: Union Square.
I passed the turnstile and got on the train with my purse in tow. From the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one on a mission with a nice weather as it was.  Good thing there weren’t the usual weekend delays as there is here in NYC. But anyhow, I got out and walked around a commotion going on in Union Square (besides the hardcore chess players). One of the best things of Union Square is that there is always some event happening. Last summer there was a group of people jumping on some bouncing footwear. I kid you not. With these commotions usually a crowd starts and there are pictures being taken with hordes of people walking and hang-a-langing.  Which is great because that is where the cool tattoos come out and get seen ;D. Anyways, back to the mission.
the magic box undergoing a makeover
So I walked a bit past Union Square’s Best Buy, and hit the Salvation Army. I was always curious to go inside because many people have reported finding great deals and treasures that once were a man’s trash. So, I walked in and instantly found a small book section. Found some interesting titles but I wasn’t in the buying book mode until I took a 90 degree turn…I found it. It was this awesome cute box with a latch and everything. It had what looked like dried paint all over the inside and some parts of the outside. I thought because it was vintage it would be expensive so I walked away from it. Not a good move (trust me, you find something that shines like a treasure, you inspect it, and ask for the price). I decided to look in the clothes part of the store since that was mainly what this Salvation Army was and found a kilt!  A KILT! The ULTIMATE punk vintage item you can find. And I didn’t buy it.
But the good news is that after looking through all the clothes, I decided to go back to the box. A woman that seemed was in her forties was already standing around it. I quickly grabbed the box why I still could and went back to looking at the bags being sold.  I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew it was going to be grabbed at some point the minute I walked away. Overall, the mission was complete and done with. But I still continued to look around for other great finds. And I found a nifty bag. It must have been my lucky day because I found a dollar and change inside the pocket of the bag. There was no price tag on it so I didn’t know if I should take it. I went up to the counter and asked for the price. Turns out the box and the bag cost the same value of $2.99. I paid for both and found my way happily to the train station (don’t worry I didn’t skip).
When riding a train it is always good to have a buddy to talk to. To my surprise when I got off 42nd to take my train home, I found my awesome friend, Ralgy Cepeda of Nova. The whole ride we spent talking and laughing in intervals. We exchanged our goodbyes and treaded home. A Saturday mission complete and a potential hangout in the future. Yep, definitely bargains never to be missed. Til next time.