Friday, January 21, 2011

One goal Down and A Bucket To Go!

Well guys, I finally started on one of the promised projects: the philosophy blog. I still have to work on it a bit but I already had a start on it. So if any of you are interested in philosophy and what I might contribute to it, visit my new blog called The Endless Bucket. I will hopefully do a blog on theology or something like that. But don't worry Rockinglicious will still go on. I personally don't like ending something that is going really well just because new stuff has been made. But whateverrrrr... 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cowboy Be-bop Boots! and Dr. Oz

With the chance of new things happening, adventures ahead and craziness altogether; I was able to get some good shoes for that "new promise" look. Awesomely enough I was able to get two pairs of shoes: a pair of boots and a pair of Airwalk boot style sneakers (don't really know what to call them). They were on sale at a local Manhattan Payless Shoe Store and I figured why not? As you can see, the boots have this Bob Dylan thing going on. If you replace the belt buckle on the side with one of those old school cowboy star things I swear it would be a total throwback to the Twilight Zone but enough of that....
The other pair of shoes are awesome because of the good graphics on the whole entire fabric of the shoe. For those of you gals who are into good graphic shoes I recommend these with some good fishnet stockings, a skirt or something quite rocking to show those crazy graphics out. Buying these two pairs of shoes made me think of an episode on the Dr. Oz show about high heels. It is an interesting thing to think about something so simple as shoes affect your health. Dr. Oz is a show hosted by a doctor who gives recommendations that are natural to its best in helping people avoid medical risks. In the segment I am referring to, Dr. Oz talks about the fact that wearing high heels 4 inches and above affect not only your gait but can cause other medical risks of having knee joint problems and spine alignment issues. Sure high heels define those legs but at the same time: is it worth it? Dr. Oz is a very good show for "adult" problems I am sure younger people than the audience who goes to the show share similar/same health problems/risks. I recommend to watch it because you will be surprised with the small things that matter a lot to your health. If you are interested in watching more on what he has to say about high heels click here

Could you be teetering on the brink of injury or a lifetime of arthritis?
Learn how wearing high heels throws your body off..

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Good News?

Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEARS! I am sorry, I have been MIA (missing in action). I have been dealing with some life drama-rama's (I am sure you have your deal too). Anyways! This new year I have decided that part of my resolution is: to write more STUFF! Yes, more stuff! And I know your question would be what must this STUFF consist of? Well, when I started this blog I wanted to talk about "weird" fashion  and other oddball things. So I am going to continue a bit of that goal with a new twist. Now, the twist is a total surprise that all of you readers must figure out on your own as you continue to read, skim, or whatever you do with each blog post I broadcast. (What type of surprise would it be if it wasn't?! cheaaaaa)....In other related news, one of you asked me, or rather, recommended that I write more on theology/Christianity and I have decided to write TWO spankin' new blogs! YES! One on philosophy and another on Christianity/theology (something of the sort). I will be posting news on that later. As for today: may 2011 be a fucking AWESOME experience! love ya

-Miss Eleanor Bobo