Saturday, February 19, 2011

Romanticism is An Epidemic? (rant)

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Sick Love? What?

I noticed in the winter I see a consistent flow of couples. I don't know if the seasons have to do with it, but I always found romance itself interesting. I was in a forum of one of those teen websites and there was one discussion on romance. The discussion was on whether general romanticism in couples are influenced by romance novels, music videos, soap operas, etc. We hear them in dialogue when people call the person they are in a relationship with "significant other", "baby","my girl","my man","my boo", "my girlfriend", "my boyfriend." You get the deal (hopefully).Thinking about it now, what does it mean to be romantic? Do all couples do the same thing? I know these questions are so commonsense but in reality, I just want to know if it really has become a thing you can easily sell on a newsstand. There are magazines telling girls "how to please your man" but never really "how to please your girl." As a matter of fact, my guy friends always talk about how there is a high rate of divorces in the United States, so marriage isn't really worth it. Meanwhile, a lot of girls I know hope to get married. Do you think that it is only a girl thing, or do guys do it too? I would like to know your opinion, so feel free to comment.

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