Friday, March 25, 2011

Spoken Corner!

Julian Pena at UW Annual NYC Teen Poetry Slam 08'
Lately, I have been caught up not only with classes but also with poetry. The past 2 weeks ago was the preliminaries of Urban Word's Annual NYC Teen Poetry Slam. They will be having their finals on this spring at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem (253 WEST 125TH STREET).  Teens of 13-19 get a chance to "spit" (performing spoken poetry) and see if they can advance on the Urban Word Slam Team. The poets chosen in the Slam Team get to go to San Francisco and represent NYC for HBO's Brave New Voices. Sounds crazy?! I am highly excited because I got a chance to spit for the last preliminary at The Point in the Bronx. I met and conversated with a few poets and made a new poet friend. Her name is Takea and I didn't get a chance to actually videotape her performance. However, this Sunday its semi-finals and I am highly excited because I will be videotaping it for another exciting blog post that will give more insight of what is spoken word. So til then, laaater!

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