Sunday, September 18, 2011

Four Down.... Five is Next

*drum roll* The post you have been waiting for: the True Blood fan rant. Season 4 has ended a few Sundays ago and there is still a buzzing a brewin' of all that has happened. As past seasons have gone by, this season wasn't any less gory or rather bloody, than the previous one. Characters were killed off that sadly might be missed by their fans. And oh no: the possibility that the now ex-vampire King Russell Edington has come back from his cement grave? I am still at a shock from the LAST EPISODE, I literally banged my fists on the table multiple times while watching the season finale at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. (!!!!) So far from what I can relay:
Jessica as usual is going through her baby vampire/teen moment; Marni, the witch, finally did the walk off, Jason is being his wild sexy self; Alcide is doing the hurt puppy move; Sam is dealing with love and another death yet again;; Lafayette survives yet another massive group of tragedies and trauma;Pam has an emotional  break down; Bill and Eric become frenemies; Andy Bellefleur is having a freaky deaky night; poor Tara and Jesus, and last but not least Sookie Stackhouse is well, bloody Sookie Stackhouse [except she isn't kidnapped this time]. Yeah...I would say this season has been more of a spark to how it used to be in Season 2: unpredictable. More characters have been added and many have been crossed off this season. Not particularly proud for how a few things were put upon especially with Jessica's, Jason's, and a few other characters' development. However, hopefully the SEASON FIVE that will be coming up summer of 2012, there will be more to play with and chew. I did a bit of research anyway, so if you are looking to find out a little teensy weensy bit of a preview on what is to come, you can check it out here.

Til Next Blog post folks,
Miss Bobo


Real Queen of Horror said...

I used to adore this show back 08/09. I only watched 2 episodes from this season and I'm honestly a little bit sick of the show. I hate that the season ends so fast and doesn't come back until a year later. I hope that this show doesn't lose fans but I think they lost me.

I wasn't proud of some of the character developments neither but I think I'll give the season a watch when I get around to it. Maybe it's not as bad as I believe it is...well hopefully not.

Miss Bobo said...

RQH, I know what you mean but seeing as how they continously do this every year I am thinking they use this as a way to create a great hype and have so many people watch the show which increases the ratings. It's kinda sad that that is the only thing they can actually think about using for their promotion of the show. regardless its not better than the second season good luck (and thank you for commenting ^^)

iZaynab said...

Gosh really alot of people have been blogging about True Blood and iReally can't say much since I'm not an avid watcher.
Aha but iDo also freak when watching the last episode of a series. In fact iScream, throw things at the TV, roll on the ground, etc ~
But Season 5 : O Woah.

Miss Bobo said...

hahaha I am sorry if I was the 25th one to blog about it lol. but I am glad to know that last fact xD