Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tattoo Parking Stop! (an artsy-fartsy post)

one of Quinn's finished masterpieces
Hello all, and apologize for my overall random M.I.A status yet again. I may or may not have stated this before; but classes have long started so many things need and have been done with the purpose of school while I have and continue to also mingle and roam around places. Regardless, I apologize but as I always say: on with the show.
One of the great blogs I have continued to follow was put under hiatus for some technological reasons and in its place there is a twitter account. I am sooooo referring to the awesome twitter link on this blog's sidebar containing the workings of a one very talented Tara Quinn, a tattoo artist, who has quite a groove going. Often there is a quality to her drawings that in a sense remind me of lowbrow art with the splash of colorful surrealism. I strongly suggest to follow her twitter account if you are into surrealist tattoos. She mixes cuteness with brash and often explicit themes. Sooo pleaaaaaase don't hesitate to click on her name above, you will be directed shortly to her tumblr.

Til' Next blog post,
Miss Bobo


Little Gothic Horrors said...

I like tattoo art that's really original. My friend got a butterfly tattooed on her back by a female tattoo artist in Australia, and I've never seen anything like it. It doesn't look like an ink tattoo. It looks like it's been painted on... with paint strokes... it's so clever!

Miss Bobo said...

O.O that sounds really interesting. you should send me a link or something

Freaks, Geeks and Beauties said...

Love the tattoo! I'm going to go check out her work. Thanks for the post!

Miss Bobo said...

you welcome and thank you for your comment ^^

iZaynab said...

I like the cute with brash thing.
Its adorable but spunky.
Looked at her Tumblr : 3 & iLike what iSee ~

Miss Bobo said...

digging that you like what you see...<3

Tara Quinn said...

I'M digging that you like what you see! Thanks!