Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Coming! It's Coming! (music and some news)

It's October and guess what that means: HALLOWEEN IS COMING! ITS COMING! Although, it is my favorite month it has been quite hectic. Despite it all I am expecting to cook up an awesome Halloween blog post in my handy dandy cauldron. If you have any stories to share; funny or rather ho-ho-horrifying send them to cupcakeriot45@aol.com.
As for other news: a blast from the past decade, I have come to introduce you a work of the fantastic macabre straight from the crypts of Los Angeles, California: a band of the name Creature Feature. Founded with band members Curtis Rx and Erik X,  CF creates the realm in which Hallows Eve is every day by using catchy synth rhythms, wicked guitar licks, voice recordings and creepy horror themed lyrics. Listening to their song "Aimed for the Head" I am already hooked line and sinker. Hopefully, like me, you would be hypnotized and enjoying it when listening to their music. Beware! or shall I say MWUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

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