Friday, January 27, 2012

The LowBrow Monster Mash

Monster version of Birth of Venus
With the upheaval of classes starting, looking for internships, and off on adventures; I have been looking at random Bride of Frankenstein images through the handy dandy Google Image search engine. To my utter gasp of delight and wonder, I found a few pictures of paintings done of Bride of Frankenstein and even Frankenstein himself by a lowbrow artist named Mike Bell.
I later did some digging and found his ultra-cool website where you could see more paintings not only of the gloomy famous couple but of robots, pin up girls, and even Jesus rocking it out Kiss style (unfortunately not the Simmons style).
Coming from New Jersey, Bell is described as "a true lowbrow painter" who "blends an aura of nostalgia and humor" within the artistic influences of "Japanese cartoons, classic monsters, vintage toys, punk rock, carnivalesque images, MAD magazine and Big Daddy Roth."
Looking at his stuff, I found his paintings to be enticing in the vibrant contrasts, graphic backdrops, and random martinis he brings to his paintings. If I could, I would put his paintings on my bedroom walls and even the ceiling! If you want to check more of his stuff you can check it out on this link right here:
(Have fun!)

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Little Gothic Horrors said...

Fabulous artwork! I'll definitely check out that link. Thanks for sharing!