Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chika Chika Bombs for News!

Hello! Hello! Long time no post! Classes have been more busy and challenging and now I know some Japanese. So for some of you who do Kobanwa! ("goodnight" since its 7 pm here)
the old banner
Having so much time since the last blogpost, I had a lot of ideas that might interest you guys. And I was thinking of having any of these as a constant part of this blog/magazine (did you know in Japanese magazine means zaashi?!) such as an anonymous advice column or a suggestion coming from you guys. Any suggestion you can give that will make this zaashi blog more interesting and engaging will be welcome at ( or even in the commenting box below this post. Credit will given to you for the suggestion :)
And on that note, I would like to tell you guys: Rockinglicious now has a tumblr! I thought why not post random memes or things that are part of the alternative-style culture! So far, there is one post but hopefully I would be able to get more posted there. Oh, and Rockinglicious has a facebook too if you want to check updates straight from your facebook news feed, just hit like! (pwease?). I will hopefully be on the trail for some new interviews with underground bands, designers, and random people.

an alternative-styling fairy-tale

In other news, found a fraja-listic tumblr of a designer called KyleX who posts pictures of alternative styling related things ranging from the clothing he makes and wears, to random memes like this one:

I definitely recommend checking out his tumblr for new ideas on a new outfit (or just look at the crazy stuff people wear sometimes). Beware some of the content might be above the PG-13 rating of content (like spiked underwear o.o?) but hopefully you will dig his tumblr and funky crunchy dub-step music playlist.

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

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