Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pandora's Muse: Band Found

Victory At Sea Before they disbanded
Hey there, back on the ropes now. Hope you guys had a great Easter break (if any of you celebrate that).  Been MIA for personal drama with friends and now family. But I am back and with new things to share.

While working as an intern, I have been on Pandora a lot lately and found some good bands similar to the ones I love to listen to.The good thing about Pandora is that they pick out the sounds of the songs/bands you put as the title of the radio station; and pick out bands that sound similar to them. One band that has been stuck on me lately is Victory At Sea. I found this one from the Mazzy Star radio station I created on Pandora.

Victory At Sea was indie since they started 1996 but they (sadly) disbanded around 2007 according to their myspace.
However, if you dig their sound as much or even more as I do, I think you can still buy it from ITunes, myspace, or straight from Pandora. Here is the song I have been stuck on, hope you like it :D

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