Friday, June 29, 2012

Watch out! It's a Ssssnake!

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As life is blasting through this summer, I have been stuck on a few tracks of some albums. One in particular is Hostile Takeover by ssssnake (exactly how its pronounced too).  I saw this guy live at Spike Hill a few weeks ago and got connected with his album, Hostile Takeover, which include the tracks he performed.
"Wolf and the Bear", "Under the Snow," and "Slow" have been stuck on me and have been 4-starred on my iTunes library.

Ssssnake is a "hip-hop, funk, and gospel-inflected soul project" managed, produced. and performed by Noah Tabakin, a man all the way from Chicago.

While on stage, he tends to not only sing but include the audience in his performances. Seeing him at Spike Hill up and close, I saw he will dance and move around while performing. I think he knows his tracks are irresistibly danceable (sorry Webster Dictionary) so he dances to them too while involving some humor. He of course, encourages dancing from his audience and includes any brave souls who do in his performances. Right now he is on a tour from Ohio to all the way in Austin. (Right now he is on his way to atlanta).

On his website you can play the tracks and buy them at whatever price you want if you really dig this album. However, I suggest at least a dollar or more because this guy really puts himself in his music.

If you want to find out more of this guy you can check his website:

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