Friday, June 15, 2012

It's a Free Riot Party and I Scream if I want To

Summer is in full swing and I am just ready to parrrtaaay.
courtesy of Webster Hall event calendar
I recently found through a friend of a free PUNK party at Webster Hall that starts at 11 pm every Wednesday.

I went this Wednesday and found myself smack dab in some 80's/90's punk/goth throwback. There was your occasional emo hairdo's on guys, random hipster, and the frequent goth-punk rockers.

This party doesn't go in full swing until midnight when the occasional group of shameless girls come in to show off their bods for a strip tease contest. The prize winner gets 100 bucks while the guy who chooses to be the receiving end of it, gets a free lap dance on stage. I was astounded because I never seen a stripper let alone some random girl throw off her bra in person. But that was a first that night.

If you're in New York City and you want to have a crazy rock (mostly punk) party I recommend going here. It's not that crazy but there is the occasional BDSM moment where a guy gets handcuffed and gagged. I love the fact that there is oldies and fake smoke with a tattoo section in the back. YES! you get tatts at this place. I didn't get a chance to figure out the price range but I would def like the idea of getting inked while being at a party. The only few cons I found is that 1. there is no mosh pit: people are sensitive in getting hit especially the girls; 2. There is not much dancing involved (yes, you can dance to some of the music). 3. people go into cliques and aren't much to talk with other people that aren't seated with them unless there is a hook up to be had.

But this event is free so why not show off some lacey goth/punk duds. Doesn't hurt to try. 


jamiessmiles said...

I so wish I was there.

Miss Bobo said...

!!! get a teleporter