Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Music Finds

Dead Sara

Hello all. Long time no post. Honestly, gotta say I had blog writer's block on what to post here and my apologies for that. But today things are different. Found an interesting band from a random list on Reverbnation, a website for underground and major artists.

Titled as Dead Sara, this band uses elements of blues, soul, and rock to make their own imprint of alternative rock. The vocals done mostly by Emily Armstrong & Siouxsie Medley are reminiscent of the era of the 70's. You could say that Armstrong sounds a bit like Janis Joplin.
With the addition of the drums (Sean Friday) and bass (Chris Null), the music becomes a fusion of rock, some grunge, and a little bit of punk. Their sound is a bit familiar and if you think about it, its similar to Veruca Salt & a little close to L7. Difference is this band will vary with sounds and don't provide the same rhythm for all of their songs. If you like Veruca Salt you will most likely dig this band. So why not check em out.

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