Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tally Ho! Discoveries and Other Finds pt.1

Tiger! Tiger! (photo courtesy of
Hello Hello. Long time no talk. Hope those who are celebrating are having a happy Thanksgiving day and those who aren't celebrating: I still wish you a good day.

So now at the matter at hand:
Lately I have been music cruising. Listening to some new rockin' sounds and determining which ones to actually put my two cents about. So far I found four to recommend and I'll be breaking 2 of them down in this post.

The first one is a band from Atlanta named Tiger! Tiger! This year they have released a new album with a hot cover titled "Cut Them Where They Bleed" that blend retro 60-ish rock elements with garage sounds and punk riff/drums combo. They've been around since 2005 and have made a name for themselves in Atlanta, Georgia. They are currently signed with a record company called Chicken Ranch Records that have signed other good underground artists. I find this band unique in that not only do they have different play in vocals with different albums (male and female), but they also use instrumental elements that were used in the 1960's such as the organ and saxophone. For those of you who are into garage, punk, and retro melodies that remind you of music such done by artists like The Doors, I definitely recommend listening to this band. You can check their website ( or preview their stuff on bandcamp. If you dig their album I also recommend purchasing on their bandcamp page or on their Ranch Records page since searching them on iTunes can be a bit too hectic AND you save a $1.
picture of Peelander-Z from their official site

The second awesome band I found is called Peelander-Z. Peelander-Z started in NYC in 1998 and since their first U.S. National tour in 2002, have been continuously performing with their crazy antics and dressing in expression of inspiration of the Power Rangers & other Japanese and American pop Sci-Fi culture icons. Although, they started in NYC, their band members are straight from Japan and have never lost their spunk on stage. Listening to their music, I enjoyed the vivaciousness and strong spirit that have been put in songs such as "Star Bowling" from their most recent album. Their sound kinda reminds me of the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi show that appeared in Cartoon Network for a short time (if you remember I quantumly high five you). Point: For those of you who loved Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi or love Japanese pop rock (no not J-pop) then I recommend checking this band out. You can look them up on iTunes with no mess (as long as you type it correctly) or you can check their Chicken Ranch Records page that provides links to their different pages.

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