Sunday, July 11, 2010


Thanks for hopping and bopping by here. I'm Miss BoBo and I am already hacking my brain to find what to put on my first post on this blog. There is so much brimming in me. I am currently listening to Sixpence None The Richer, a girly band,(I know) but hey the lead singer looks cute in her outfits and short hair. I will be posting regularly on this blog about the do's and don'ts' for the alternative styling person (not only girls). And what is an alternative-styling person, you may ask? An alternative styling person is a person that chooses to dress in a different unique way from the typical "up-to-date" fashion stores. That person can be someone who likes piercings, tattoos, crazy art, psychobilly music, punk, rock, or just loves dressing dark and different. Not everyone dresses the same and this blog is for those who can't find a store besides Hot Topic to shop for just the right outfit. Hope you enjoy :)

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