Saturday, July 24, 2010

Platforms On Set Take 1

It's always good to wear a good quality pair of platform shoes to give that fancy-but-still-casual-look, the final touch. Especially, Mary Janes. A human name for a good shoe. The first Mary Jane to actually be known was in 1902 in a cartoon called Buster Brown

and then eventually it became an actual shoe first sold by Brown Shoe Company. Now, it's a classic style that is commonly used and moderately altered to serve the purposes for those who are alternatively styled. One of the well known companies that use Mary Janes classic style is Doc Martens:

however, sometimes you can find different types of Mary Janes. For example: I found this baby at believe it or not: Marshalls, at a clearance sale in August 2009 for 15 bucks. Mary Janes doesn't have to be necessarily the exact replica of the original design. It can be a style you choose to wear on a fancy evening with a hot fancy outfit (involving lace ;P).

though of course, you have to be trained in certain situations if you are a heels virgin because sometimes shoes can kill Now that, my dears, will be another lesson for another time. Ciao and Rock on!UMM9AYX53R7B

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