Thursday, July 29, 2010

Online Window Shopping?

Talking about style I was cruising through some rocking clothing sites for girls who just aren't that pastel girly, and I have discovered looking at Hot Topic and AYP, Too Fast Apparel is starting to pop up on the must-have item list. "Too Fast Apparel is a manufacturer of punk clothing and tattoo clothing," according to their website It's another good site to buy from when Hot Topic isn't enough or it's just too much. Right now, even Hot Topic is selling their merchandise. So, who knows they might end up being the next best thing.

BTW, if you don't know, AYP stands for which any of you alternative styling people would like to check out. The site sells bags, beautiful hair accessories,lighters,chokers,shoes,skirts,leggings and tights,etc. Plus, if you're shopping for your alternative styling boyfriend or you are an alternative styling guy, you can go look on the list and peruse in the guy section. Believe it or not they sell kilts! Yes you did not read wrong. I recommend highly, girlfriend, as Lafayette would say (True Blood lingo). You can make an account and start on your wishlist for the holidays. And what's even great about the site is that when you buy items there, you get AYP points which can be changed into money to buy more stuff without having to pay extra pocket. However, the AYP points you get there are only for AYP and not anywhere else. Really, I truly recommend.

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