Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lady Mechanika (a comic book review)

Yesterday a few friends and I went to Comic Book Jones to catch up on some comics. It was my first time there so I was very interested in the array of comic series they had on display. I got two comics called Lady Mechanika and Mercy Sparx. Both had awesome punky and grungy themes through their female characters. In Lady Mechanika you there is more of a SteamPunk theme in the artwork, which I frankly find amazing because it actually takes place in the 1800's. The main character is just awesome and kick ass. For the beginning of the comic it has a basic plot to follow. There isn't really that much of a mystery to get into in the beginning. Although, if you are into comics with kick-ass female main characters that curse like a sailor and a dark color scheme to go along with it, I recommend Lady Mechanika.


Kelly said...

I don't normally like steampunk, but this looks awesome!!! I gotta check it out, I know my boyfriend would love this. Thanks for the review.

Miss Bobo said...

I know but like I said be careful because your boyfriend might not like simple plots.

Miss Bobo said...

you welcome