Friday, August 3, 2012

Working Outfit (Guys) [Screw the Heat Part 2.]

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Sorry to be MIA again been busy with work and brainstorming ideas for this blog. (BTW: thank you so much for continuing to follow my blog and sticking with it. keep rocking!)

So, I was able to find some good finds for guys. This outfit right here is plain but hey, you can show that alternative-styling spunk with accessories. Sometimes, places where you work at might not be cool with graphic shirts (a bit sucky though). So why not put on a light black blazer with some rolled up sleeves, crisp pair of jeans (make sure to iron!!!) a white shirt, and a pair of black vans or converses.

It's hot so you might want to splash up some color so you don't cook under the sun while being on the go. And if you know you gotta keep it conservative you can always get a small one-row studded bracelet or maybe even a nice bracelet like the one you see on the left.

Believe it or not I found this baby at Hot Topic's online website along with other great bracelets for less than 10 bucks. It's not bad and it will last you longer than 2 months. I found more than the usual great 3, so please don't hesitate just because some hipsters got caught on to Hot Topic. It still has some great finds, and no one has to know, right? (*wink wink*)

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