Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Forever 21 is back!

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Can't believe summer is almost over and already I see leaves on the ground at certain NYC areas. Kid you not. I actually look forward to the fall because of all the awesome crazy outfits people put together. I know this sounds ultra fashionista: but yes I definitely dig layer coordination.

Just recently I have been preparing myself for the fall by shopping new clothes. Working and going to school needs some gear (*gets all serious*)........

OK, OK I really like getting new clothes for school and such. Any whoo, I found myself both at Rainbows and Forever 21 and I found myself more dazzled by the Forever 21 at Union Square (Manhattan, NY for those who are not in the NYC area).

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It was a throwback circa 2011 with the random lace I found here and there. And I am not going to lie to you I did buy a few things from there. I got a plain black comfortable skirt for $9.80 and a bunch of other stuff that will be posted on Rockinglicious tumblr. The skirt you see here above was actually one of the items I really wanted to buy along with the shirt you see on your left. I like to have the best of both worlds even if it means going in the guys' section. But both were not on my budget so I had to choose. There are some awesome finds there for 10 bucks or less for the gals. So don't hesitate to check it out, you might just find something along your budget and within your style. As for the guys, the items were a bit too expensive. Next season they should widen the section more.

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