Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Afropunk Fest!

Das Racist! (courtesy of my phone)
 Hi fellow Rockinglicious readers, it's been a long time since I have written and let me just say things are happening again. This past Saturday and onward has been hectic with school, work and all sorts of things. However, I still look forward to writing stuff for you guys.

The reason why I say Saturday in the beginning is because this past weekend was the Afropunk festival. I myself didn't even know at the time until later on in the afternoon when a friend texted me "yo, come down to the Afropunk festival" (!!!). Once I got out of work, I set myself on the mission to primp, polish, and prepare because I was not going to let it slip out of my fingers. Once I headed out the door I was determined. I ran through some mishaps but eventually I got there and found the stage in which Das Racist was going to play.

Now, I never mentioned them, but now I will explain: Das Rascist is this epic (in my opinion) rap group that started out in Brooklyn and are now gaining quite a momentum. Their lyrics usually include references to stuff you learn in college or maybe high school (if your classes are that "high up" in enrichment) and give their own, dare I say, poetic twists. I love the fact that they bring something different than their usual "I smoke that and hit that and ride that and yadayada I am the biggest dog in town" (ok, came out corny so don't count for me to know how to rap). Either way, even if I am a rock girl at heart I still have my few fave rappers and Das Racist is one of them (will be writing a blog post on them soon).

Back to the festival......

The festival didn't end until 11 pm even though they said 9 pm on their flyer. There was a lot of technical difficulties with some of the machinery on stage but no worries it went on. And let me tell you about the awesomeness of this festival: there was a whole skateboarding and bike tricks going on the side that was just awesome. This went on for the whole day. In-cre-di-ble.

Not only that, while Das Rascist was playing there was a whole moshpit I had to take part. HAD TO. It was awesome. People crowd surfing and pushing and dancing. Eventually with all the moshing I got close enough to the stage. I did lose my glasses at some point with all the moshing. I gave up on that once I realized that it was 1.too dark to find them 2. there were people walking around making it harder to find and 3. Erykah Badu was on the green stage and I couldn't miss it. SO ....I headed across to the green stage without glasses (oh well). Took a while for her to come up and sing but it was worth it. At the end it was Miss Janelle Monae, but for personal reasons I ditch that and headed home. It was the best night ever! Oh and I hope you noticed: I never mentioned paying a ticket stub because yes, IT WAS FREE! So......

Lesson of the story is: if you are in NYC area;

Til Next Blog post,
Miss Bobo

(Note: if you want to check out more pictures on this festival click on this link.)

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