Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stomp To The Beat

They can be worn at any given time but the fall and winter is coming up and there will be new Rockfests to hit up and places to go out in the fall weather. You want to keep those footsies warm and snug. know what I am talking about: boots. They're cool whether in straps, in laces, platform, and any dark style you like! They look great with a short skirt and/or fishnets/lace tights, ready to highlight those legs of yours as you strut your stuff. Or you can wear them with some jeans. The point is: they're great for when sneakers aren't enough to warm your feet in those cold times or you want to look casually hot-and-tough. Be on the lookout at any shoe store like Shoemania, Zappos, AYP, even Sears. You never know you can find it for a good price.

(photos are courtesy to dreamtime members Pkripper503, Stab, Chaoss)

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