Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Etsy Underground

Varying from art prints to handmade bags, Etsy has become the medium to find underground handmade gifts and meet new people. Recently, I joined to find out what was the big hub-bub and other potential personal reasons; and so far I have found so many things I would want to buy. Whomever joins this website can also join etsyteams in which other people can chill, talk, and do all sorts of stuff (i.e etsy's newbie team). Of course, each team will have their own theme and/or thing going on. Nevertheless, Etsy has been a popular place for all vintage dwellers, trendsetters, designers, and handcrafting fashionistas to show, strut, and share their stuff. If you are looking for something vintage or rather a handmade product don't be shy and stop by Etsy's different shops. Its 90% guaranteed you will find something. 

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