Monday, July 11, 2011

Rockin' Odd Tattoo of the Day and Small News

Kat Von D sporting nice blue hair and hot outfit
Odd tattoo of the day
Lately I have been not only on focusing on changing my hair color which is now weird blue but I have been thinking a lot about tattoos. They have been common off an on throughout the evolution of mankind. Although, some tend to exaggerate and do whole body tattoos they are really popular today in the celebrity world. Angelina Jolie, P!nk, Johnny Depp, and dare I say Rihanna are all celebrities who have gotten tattoos and walked the carpet with them on visible or invisible to the naked eye. One of them became famous not only for her now still spankin' line of cosmetics but for her tats she herself makes: Kat Von D. I love this girl for not only being an artist at what she does but also for representing her nationality and not being afraid to say "hey I am different". Tattoo artists like her are considered artists for the detail, eccentricity, effort, time, and money used to finish these works of body art. To appraise their magnificent talent, I will be spotting the tattoo of the day and interviewing the one who wears it loud and proud.
don't be afraid to be rebellious, show off that tattoo. ;D

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