Thursday, July 7, 2011

True Blood Sizzling Season 4: a Spicy New Season

With season 3 of True Blood ending with a Vampire King put to an ironic rest and the main girl disappearing into a dreamland nobody knows where, TB (teehe TB) gave a cliffhanger for hooked watchers to devour and soon enough wither in hunger for a new season. Months have passed with followers anticipating and reading up articles of what is to come. Some speculated that the new season might “suck” because the third season didn’t live up to the standards of the original Sookie Stackhouse novel series written by Charlaine Harris. Now with a new opening episode premiering these past two Sundays, True Blood is not playing games no more.
So far watching the first few episodes, things have gone a whole new twist. Eric Northman as usual has proved to be one smart cookie; Bill Compton has gone eerily weird yet again; Tara is busy having a lifestyle while being with her girlfriend [girlfriend say what?!]; and for once vampires are not the only creatures among the living (yeah not listing the whole entire list of episode spoilers for those who haven’t watched it yet, sorry).
 Nope, this season is not playing cards on the table but rather witches and fairies as a new set. Right now I am still just chewing on the ending, the middle, and the beginning of the first episode. IF anything I am looking for more eye openers like this one. from Season 3 Too bad the Vampire king couldn't stay for another season. 


jamiessmiles said...

I am in love with this show. I think this is the best season so far. When Eric ate Sookie's fairy godmother I was dying laughing. Ooops, Sorry.

Miss Bobo said...

haha!!! her reaction was priceless. "You just ate my fairy godmother" and he's all "Sorry". I am a total True Blood creep xD