Monday, July 25, 2011

Something to Definitely Spin To (Band discovery)

Dramatic guitar chords, hypnotic drum beats, and a voice that will remind you of bands like Modest Mouse and maybe even Queens of the Stone Age; this band has something to offer. However, don't be fooled, The Growlers have their own spazzy spicy sound to add to the cauldron.
The Growlers
I came upon this band listening to the Indie Feed Alternative Podcast, in which songs from "new" bands are posted. The minute I heard their almost Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) sound in their song "Graveyard's Full" I was hypnotized and lured by their haunting but still yet groovy beat (yes, I used GROOVY!).  I had to check them out on youtube and yes, definitely stalk their page. 
They did not disappoint me at all. The members are hot! Especially the lead singer. Composed of Brooks Nielson (vocals), Matt Taylor (lead guitar, vocals), Brian Stewart (drums and vocals), and Scott Montoya (bass guitar, vocals); The Growlers started in 2006 in a somewhat funny story. According to the Indie Feed Alternative Podcast, they started out hanging out, drunk, and with a few instruments about them. There they all decided to team up and make this awesome hypnotic dancing beat of a band. Of course, since they aren't really big, some of their videos are a bit of the homemade status. Nevertheless, the sound is priceless. Check. Them. Out!

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