Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Said It Was Only CBGB's? (some Lady Gaga pics)

For those of you who live or are in the New York area, I don't know if you have heard of the famous CBGB's but it was famous (and it still is) for having underground and mainstream bands perform at an affordable ticket price. Well, they moved a few years ago and have continue to support bands and artists to grow their fanbase. However, after they left I feel like many people have been lost finding venues and other places in which they can meet and listen to their favorite bands. And in reality there has been one around the nyc area all along: The Knitting Factory. The Knitting
Factory has been around since 2002. They moved from manhattan to brooklyn which may or may not work on their favor. I once went to the manhattan location and saw Lady Gaga performed there. She wasn't mainstream yet at the time and I was able to at least compliment her on the show (it wasn't really a big deal.). She had brunette hair back then...but anyways. A lot of underground and upcoming bands play there and talk to their fans. There are also events such as free wednesday kareoke and movie double-feature nights. I do recommend going there because you will find good bands along with bad ones and you will have a great time. If you are an upcoming artist or in a band  in the New york area I recommend calling them and talking to them on a submission of your work to see if you can perform at one of their locations. "The Knit" also has locations in Hollywood, Nevada, and Montana. You can check them out online on this link: Knitting Factory Entertainment 

Oh and by the way if you are a Lady Gaga fan I found her images from
 another blog called Lady Gaga before the Fame 
if you are interested in seeing how she really was.

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