Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Is on the Next Block!!! (a look into the holiday and more!)

Seeing as how today is the 30th and October will start tomorrow, I thought maybe to talk about one of my favorite times of year: HALLOWEEN! Halloween has become one of those highly commercialized holidays with buying costumes and goody-bags and etc. But people really haven't considered the reason behind Halloween. Many people go trick or treating with their children or families door to door not knowing what the real origins of Halloween are. There have been studies that Halloween originated as part of a Celtic tradition*. Of course, if you all don't know this or you might have heard that Halloween's name actually goes back to "All Hallows Eve" which in 16th Century Scotland that meant the night before Hallows Day. (By the way most of what I am writing here is from wikipedia, it isn't my own ideas)**. Supposedly, it was part of a festival call Samhain. And the day of Halloween it was heard that it was the night in which the dead, both bad and good, can travel into the normal realm. Most of the reason of why people tell ghost stories and do all sorts of fun but "creepy" stuff is because of that. I can't wait until Halloween because I enjoy Halloween and the tradition behind it. I have recently discovered my pagan connection and this year will be my first year celebrating Samhain. I enjoy dressing up and glittering up and parading through the streets. (BTW, costumes was also a way to copy and/throw off spirits back then). So this October I will be posting weekly or bi-weekly (if that is a stories and pictures sent by YOU, the readers, that is related to Samhain or Halloween. They can be pranks, costumes, a local festival, local urban legends you have heard, freaky accidents, or some funny story that happened on Halloween. You can send it to my gmail : with the subject "Halloween". Hope you have a good All Hallows Eve! ^ ^


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