Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Cat-Eyed Twist

Cat-eyed glasses have been the hot sensation of the 1950's for women and girls.They have a thick rim and have the frame at both corners shaped in a pointed manner. At times I thought it sort of looked weird just alone by itself, but as I would look onto many other faces wearing these glasses, I realized that they actually complimented the facial female structure. According to one article I found(link found below) they were actually invented even before the 1950's. Who knows maybe there was an older style that induced this cat-eyed twist. But what is really rather peculiar is that this is becoming a recycled trend among the rockabilly,retro,and vintage market of today. I see 1 out of every 12 girls in subway train stations wearing these. I really want to have my own pair. Though, for what it is they can be quite expensive at certain times but if you look closely you can find them at your typical CVS or pharmacy store,if you are lucky anyway.

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