Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VampireFreaks,Not that Scary?

There are many socializing websites where people have abused the use of it to engage in conversations with people they know. Reading Jodie-Ann's blogpost on social networks, it has made me research and read about one of the socializing networks I use: VampireFreaks is a socializing network that like Myspace, it started first for people who have music in common to talk and meet their bands. Since then it has grown with members and progressed. But as any socializing network it has negative history. It was interesting to know that there weren't that much crime cases related to this website. However, it doesn't change the fact that a part of those crime cases were related to minors engaging in social and sexual activity with adults who use the site. Three or four of them relate in the minors getting killed. In one case there was the usual statutory rape thing going on in which ended with the minor not remembering having sex or even talking to the guy she associated with and him not going to jail. (I don't even know what to say about that). However, as any social networking site, it has have positive feedback from people who have found the love of their lives on the site. On Valentine's Day they come up on the site to post their love story so people can read them. Which is good because they are spreading hope on the site for VF members who have problems finding "true love." However, it doesn't change the fact that like myspace,facebook, or any of those socializing networks; it can harm people if they don't take care of themselves and be wary of who they talk to. If you are a minor and you are reading this:  Danger never has a specific face, it always wear a mask. So if you don't want to die or be raped, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO! Because you never know if that person is the next Hannibal Lector.

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