Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Look at Something Nobody Really Looks At (a review)

I read this baby for one of my other classes. (College is very interesting by the way) and I peruise through it. They have very interesting articles and I find this worthy of buying and even subscribing to. You would think from the name that it would be about, I don't know, boring articles only doctors and psychologists read but no it isn't. There are informational shorts in which they say interesting facts about our culture. There was one short article about the fact that we blame the weather for our moods (there actually is no connection). The "reality" of lucky charms (not the cereal) and even the categories of shopaholics (sound familiar?lol). Personally, I loved it and was highly interested in it because it doesn't give me some stupid tabloid story that I really don't feel like reading. I mean come on! I really don't want to hear what such and such celebrity did, I can just look that up on facebook or Perez Hilton's website (ugh!!!!) Anyways, I do recommend this magazine for anyone who is looking for something intriguing and informational to actually read than to just flip through and ditch at the nearest trashcan.


Kelly said...

I have read it before. Some articles are pretty interesting, as a psych major ymself you'd think I'd already have a subscription lol.

Miss Bobo said...

Lfmao. I would think I would too but it is rather cheap. I think its, what, 3.99? I am pretty sure I would pay those 4 bucks over and over instead of subscribing. But hey some people can actually afford to get the subscription. And that's cool that you are a psych major