Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LBGT victory and a Foreshadow for What's To Come..(an obvious rant)

I am sorry but as an LGBT supporter and a NYC resident, I had to post something about this! When I saw the news a few days ago that New York finally made its contribution I had to silently scream YES! (I know it sounds impossible but really it isn't). It is about time that love gets its chance. Call me a hippie, call me whatever you will, but love has no boundaries. May anybody throw me in a chamber for supporting human beings to marry. Why should two people who care for each other be denied a chance just because they don't follow the laws of a religion that really has nothing to do with how they feel about each other. It bothers me to think that a state of a country who blazes "Country of the Free" in neon letters does not support something that has to do with the "pursuit of happiness". YEAH I AM QUOTING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE(correction in part of good friend Nick)! The very same document that helped this country become a new nation away from the hands of persecution that at the time came from Britain. Everyone worked together and united to fight for freedom. So why is it after milestones many have fought for (the right to vote, civil rights, a black president, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc), we cannot unite to give the freedom of union to human beings, because yes they are HUMAN BEINGS! The Bible can be quoted til kingdom come but at the end of the day this is free will being jeopardized and its about time free will, which dare I say was GOD'S GIFT, should be put at the hands of religious bigots. We must end bigotry like Martin Luther King once proclaimed in his speech. Don't let ignorance ruin our evolution. We are animals of reason, we can do better than this! Lets hope we can acquire the right for gay marriage and proposition 8 all over the nation. We can do this. Let's not give up

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