Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blood Gone Rogue

After Hurricane Irene, things have been quite busy over here in Fort Bobo (sounds so weird). Anyhow, with school approaching I might be a bit off with the blog posts but nevertheless I will continue to bring rockin' news and whatnot.
things just got more black...uh I mean dangerous
And on that note on with the blogposts! : I know I am late on this but if any of you had watched the latest episode of True Blood, there is so much to be speculated of: Eric is back, vampire politics are at a standstill, Sookie has quite a cat in a bag, blood never stops to become a mess, and the witch as usual is getting all the attention.  Although the show is keeping up some of the basics from the original Sookie Stackhouse series, True Blood has veered into different paths that are unforeseen in the books.I actually think its creative where its going.  It has amazed me how many shocking twists there are here; I can only wonder if I am going to stop being amazed at some point and not be amazed anymore. There are only 2 episodes left before this season ends, so I am patient enough to wait for whats to come. I am not having any expectations at all since I am sure its just going to get more weird, dramatic, magical, and lets not forget BLOOD-Y. (don't be afraid to comment your thoughts on this..its much to be discussed among fans)

P.S. what was up with that ending? 


iZaynab said...

; D Oh My, True Blood is such a interesting show.

Miss Bobo said...

:D I am glad you are getting into..are you hooked yet?