Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Door Into A Creepy Hall Of Mirrors

one of the covers for a Hall of Mirrors episode
Remember when I was gushing over Divine Madness? I mentioned a certain podcast called The Hall of Mirrors; Tales of the Grotesque with Mike Bennett. Well if you are looking to grab onto some horror stories that not only will amuse you but also creep you out and start to get under your skin and an excellent accent; you can find that with this podcast. The stories are written and told by Mike Bennett a published writer from London, who has proven to be an excellent voice over actor. The guy can make a voice of an old man, a woman, a demon, and even the Devil (watch out if you are online, Satan, I think you have met someone who can meet your offense). Mike Bennett can almost do anything (ALMOST!). Not only can he do different voices but he also broadcasts awesome bands such as Divine Madness on his podcasts. So if you dig this podcast, make sure to check his other podcasts on his website as linked above.

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